Brooke Hogan Marrying Dallas Cowboy, HBK Reaches Out To Bischoff, Knockouts Impress

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Brooke Hogan Marrying Dallas Cowboy

HBK Reaches Out to Eric Bischoff

Knockouts Impress

  • Rt

    Wait isn’t she married to bully ray? Sorry, I’m a wwe guy I’m not abig fan of tna.

    • Loren Goldstein

      Can we say storyline?

      • WEEDaPPL

        We can


    You posting your tweets is not how to do business, kind of shows laziness imo

    • Batman

      This has already been mentioned before. Though I believe those comments got deleted. No surprise.

      Watching Richard name drop @ people in tweets so they notice him and hopefully say something back is NOT news.