Brooke Tessmacher Says Her WWE Release Was Expected; Says Working In TNA Is A Dream Come True

Shares 0 has a new interview online with Brooke Tessmacher. In it, she discusses her run in WWE as a member of Extreme Exposé and how she joined TNA Impact Wrestling. Below are some quotes the publication sent us:

On her time in WWE: "I had a lot of fun in WWE. I was training. At first they moved me out to Atlanta to learn how to wrestle. I mean, I was only there a month before I got brought up and I was full time on the road with Extreme Exposé [her dance group with Layla and Kelly Kelly]. We were dancing every week, and we had a few matches -- battle royals and stuff like that -- but I never got a chance to show there what I was learning back off the road."

"It was fun, but I wanted to wrestle then. It's great to go out there and be eye candy and an exhibitionist, and I got to work with Layla and Kelly, who are amazing and have gone way further and far beyond than what I think a lot of people would have thought, and they deserve every bit of it. But I never got to show that before I left, so that's what's great now in TNA. It's a great company. I love where I'm at, though. I wouldn't change it for the world. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime to travel with WWE."

On her WWE release being "expected": "It was expected. There were a few little issues then. It did suck because I didn't get to make the stamp that I wanted to. I was kind of unhappy about it. It's something that I don't talk about too much. I kinda knew it was coming, put it that way."

On how she joined TNA: "I did a wrestling appearance with a promoter and he asked me, 'Why don't you go to TNA? Those are the girls who know how to work'. It's all about how you can work in the ring. It's not all about tits-and-ass and who can be the sluttiest. This is about going out there and showing their skills. We have the best of the best where we're at now."

"He gave me a number to call [TNA] and kind of set it up for me, and they said, 'Yeah, why don't you come out'. I was just like, 'Wow'. I never in a million years thought that I'd be doing it again. Then I started training, getting better and learning how to be a so-called 'wrestler' from a 'model'. [Laughs]"

"It really was out of the blue. It couldn't have been a bigger dream come true."

You can listen to the full interview embedded below:

  • jdl

    So, her dream come true is to get sporadic appearances on a TV series that belittles and objectifies its female wrestlers nearly as badly as the WWE?

    • Nate

      At least they have women that can go in the ring. The same thing was happening in the WWE about 10-15 years ago with all the bra and panties matches. We didn't mind it because we knew they still had women that could put on a decent, straight-forward match. It's the same with TNA's women's division now.

  • slade6alpha

    "It's not all about the tits-and-ass and who can be the sluttiest." Really? Have you watches TNA lately?

    • Alex

      I was gonna say…it's a little more about the in-ring work than WWE but especially with her it's definitely about tits-and-ass. Have any of you watched those holiday videos the knockouts made?

  • carik

    Never heard of her, Does she have a ring name we would recognize

    • unknowledgeable fan

      She is Brooke Tessmacher, the best in ring talent today, without the sluttyness

  • BigMike

    real name at least her modeling name is Brooke Adams she has been a nude model in the past and was fired from WWe from what I heard largely due to Melina

  • It’s not all about tits-and-ass and who can be the sluttiest? LMAO are you joking that is what it seems like to me have you seen their so called Xmas shoots? Velvet Sky barely has anything on when she goes to the ring they did a thanksgiving thong thunder match had them washing cars in bikini's in December hmmm yeah its all about ring skills alright LMAO

    • Alex

      Under Hogan's direction the Knockouts have become exactly what the Divas were back in the day. While the knockouts may be more talented, I hate to say it but the Divas today are slightly more respect than what Hogan has turned the knockouts into.

  • Alex

    I never knew she was the third member of Extreme Expose who's name I didn't know. lol

  • infamous743

    She’s so hot missed opportunity by wwe

  • HPK

    WWECW was just a trash show waiting to sink !!! Damn VKM!!!