Bruno Sammartino Declines WWE Hall Of Fame Invite; Possible Location For Next Year's Ceremony

Triple H recently contacted Bruno Sammartino and extended an invitation into the WWE Hall of Fame during Wrestlemania XXIX weekend.  According to their conversation, Triple H stated the ceremony  is possibly being held at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Sammartino declined the invitation because of issues with WWE but said Hunter was a gentleman and he was impressed by him. Due to issues with Vince McMahon, Sammartino wants nothing to do with WWE.

  • Logan_Walker

    What Happened Between the two ?

    • I think I remember sammartino appearing on news talk shows taking the side against wwe for steroid use during the Benoit tragedy.

      • kevin

        It goes back further than that

  • outkazt09

    What are the issues between them both?

  • The Dude

    Much respect for Sammartino. I guess Trip tried his best but Sammartino’s relationship with Vinny Mac it too strained to repair. One person that I do not respect is Dave Meltzer. Idk if you heard but he stated that HHHs conversation with Sammartino was very heated. Anything to get the IWC riled up I guess!

  • Patrick Peralta

    Dave Meltzer. has been reporting Wrestling for over 28 years, I have much respect for him.

    as for Bruno I'm not suprised he turned the WWE HOF down. he has never been a big fan of Vince JR or how he does bussiness it goes more then Vince changing wrestling and brakeing all the Established rules of the bussiness at the time.. Bruno had his issues with Vince's dad Vince SR all so but at least respected him.

  • Dave Barton

    HOF 2013…would’ve been the 50th anniversary of Bruno winning his 1st WWWF title.

  • havoc525

    I wish there were a way the fans could convince him to do it, in spite of Vince. It’s a shame that, no disrespect to Flair but, THE Man isn’t in the hall and wants nothing to do with it.

  • Ralphus

    The only time Bruno wouldl make it into the HOF will be posthumously!

  • Ricky Valdez

    The resl reason Bruno sammartino declined the wwe HOF is because he is waiting for the big call from tna’s HOF, the new big HOF. Good luck Bruno

    • damon

      why are u calling tna the new big hall of fame ?

      • Dave Barton

        I kinda suspect he was being sarcastic.

      • _JIM_

        Geesh…. He was being sarcastic man…

  • gibbons08

    Dave Meltzer is a f*****g idiot I don’t car how long he’s been reporting wrestling! He’s behind half the bulls*** story’s that aren’t true in pro wrestling! Sorry for the fowl language!

    • Dave Barton

      Fowl language….

      Cluck cluck! Cock-a-doodle doo!!

      …sorry, couldn't resist.

  • Jaryd

    At least they actually extended the hand to him. Even though the HOF is just a marketing tool it was ridicullous he wasn't in it so at least we know he could have been!

  • dannypg

    Much respect for Bruno for declining. As much as I would like to see him honored, it’s good to see an icon stand up to VKM.

  • woodylove

    Bruno Sammartino is one of the absolute jewels of this company…WWWF…WWF…WWE. He should have been the first one invited to be in the HOF. Vince has turned many of the old guys off (guys that were around when his dad ran the company and Vince was an announcer). He severely underpays his talent and generally doesn't give a damn about them as people. If Vince wasn't an asshole, TNA wouldn't exist, Goldberg would have been joined the WWE , etc and the company would have been so off the charts. (Look at the garbage paraded out there now. Get rid of at least half of those pay per views.) Bruno Sammartino knew what it was, saw what it now is and the stench keeps him away. Vince should have been a man and called him, not HHH

  • Rafeek

    Bruno is the greatest wresling champion all due respect to the 12 times world champion the nature boy. Bruno should have been the 1st inductee if the WWE hall of game wasn’t a gimmick.

    • Mr.Love

      16 time champ

    • Tony P.

      So you saying that he should’ve got in 1st over Andre the Giant? Are you mentally disabled? Andre’s death is the reason VKM created the HOF in the first place.

      • Rafeek

        You are an idiot, In the 70s when Bruno was the guy carrying the company Andre used to fight all over, only stop by for a month or so and gone. Bruno headlined Madison Square Garden every month. Bruno was one of the 1st Superstar of Wresling. Learn the history of the game first before calling someone mentally retarded. Retard

  • Dr Mike Lano

    I still speak to Bruno after all these decades of our friendship. He's still the most ethical, honest person ever in wrestling and he saw all the stuff that went down in WWWF and WWF. A lot of what still bothers him was the ring boy stuff, drug stuff, steroid/enhancer garbage. Jim Ross once asked me for Bruno's contacts a number of yrs ago before a RAW at the new Pittsburgh venue nearby Bruno's longtime home. Bruno actually went there pre-show at Jim's behest(plus he tried to talk some sense into Flair who allegedly ran away from him) and spoke with Vince Jr and Shane but demurred on doing anything w/ them, or lending HIS credibility to WWE. He's still disgusted with "things" there. But he's been inducted into tons of REAL, physical halls of fame all over the world like the Italio-American HOF, Sportsman's HOF. He hates disappointing his fans, but hopes they realize it's not them, it's Jr he wants nothing to do with. Each year he flies to Italy to be part of their Italian Athletes and Celebs HOF activities, acting as M.C. since his induction. For any of us who covered him, at his sellout shows at the Garden, there still is no experience that comes close. Just a class athlete and human being.

  • Matt

    Who cares, Vince holds a large portion of his career in video library so he needs to swallow his pride and do it. I think he'd be surprised by the respect most wrestlers have for him.

  • _JIM_

    There should be a “Cranky Bruno” Twitter account. Does he not realize that times change? If WWE was doing the style of wrestling that Bruno did in his day the only person watching it would be Bruno. I’m from Pittsburgh where Bruno is still a big deal, but even I am getting tired of his complaining. Why they keep trying to induct him is beyond me. His acceptance speech would be nothing but some tyrade on how the business isn’t what he thinks it should be, and how he used to walk 30 miles up hill to and from school. lol