Bruno Sammartino On Accepting WWE's Offer - They Did What I Wanted Them To Do

KDKA, the CBS affiliate out of Pittsburgh, covered Bruno Sammartino's upcoming induction into the WWE Hall of Fame on Monday's newscast. Sammartino was interviewed in the piece and talked about his disdain for steroids and performance enhancing drugs in the wrestling business. Bruno says WWE did what he wanted them to do in cleaning the business up and it changed his mind about me inducted.

You can watch the feature embedded below:


We have a lengthy article online with full backstage details on how the deal to induct Sammartino got done at this link.

  • Regarding the removal of profanity & vulgarity, I wonder how Bruno feels about twinkie tits, pie, and struedel. Is he looking the other way or has he just not seen any of Rock’s recent promos?

    • Dangerous Lee

      The Rock usually comes on the 3rd hour of Raw, way past Bruno’s bedtime.

    • StupidWrestlingFans


      • Well, didn’t you add alot to the conversation? I’m serious, we know how he feels about the drug testing, is he unaware of Rock’s innuendos or is he ok with them?

        • StupidWrestlingFans

          why are you hating on the Rock?

          • In this particular thread, my comment has nothing to do with hating on Rock. Its about Bruno’s perception of the current product as it is now.

          • StupidWrestlingFans

            i suppose

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      Dave, I fear you are wasting your time arguing with StupidWrestlingFans. His name says it all; he is a stupid wrestling fan. As Ron White has been known to say, “If you’re overweight, you can go on a diet and lose some pounds. If you’re ugly, there’s surgery that can take care of that. There’s even a way to cure baldness. But you can’t fix stupid!”

  • Michael

    Bruno is full of it and if I were wwe wouldn’t have kept on kissing his butt. The guy acts like wrestling wouldn’t have been wrestling without him, news flash wrestling made you not the other way around. Don’t like the me product don’t watch it, and don’t use that has the excuse not to have entered the hof all of these years because that just makes you sound more and more like a jerk.

    • I disagree. Bruno’s biggest gripes were that VKM turned a blind eye to steroid/drug usage, and that VKM was pushing sex, profanity, and ultra-violence. All that has been taken care of by the new PG/Cena era, except for the occasional swear word here & there (such as The Rock). Bruno didn’t want to be associated with any of that.

      • Michael

        Ok the drug thing I agree should never be done, but the other things that’s called real life. Sex and foul language are all apart of the world that we live in. I still say that if he didn’t like the product that had nothing to do with him going into the hof because he wasn’t being inducted for that era, he was being induct for what he did in the wwwe era and should’ve done it for his fans. Bret didn’t like the screw job and Michaels but he still excepted his hof induction.