New Details On What Bruno Sammartino Really Thought Of Triple H & His Pitch Regarding The WWE Hall Of Fame; Why Sal Corrente's Statement Doesn't Reflect Bruno's True Feelings, Backstage News On The Location Of The Ceremony & The Reason Bruno Wants Nothing To Do With It

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A couple of weeks ago word leaked that Bruno Sammartino met with Triple H regarding a possible induction into the WWE Hall of Fame over Wrestlemania XXIX weekend next year in New York/New Jersey. The rumor was Bruno was unimpressed with Hunter which prompted the following statement by Sal Corrente (who claimed to be representing Sammartino):

"It has come to our attention that someone has claimed that Bruno was unimpressed with Triple H. That is an absolutely false statement Bruno had no issue what so ever with Triple H. He liked Triple H and enjoyed their conversation but for reasons personal to Bruno he has decided not to accept the induction in no way shape or form is the refusal a reflection on Triple H or his presentation or conversations with Bruno."

I'm told Sammartino had no idea that release was being sent out and did not authorize the statement. Corrente apparently took it upon himself to do some damage control even though sources close to Sammartino tell me under the condition of anonymity that he was "very unimpressed" with Triple H. Another factor in all of this is that Bruno is upset about WWE interfering in some of his business dealings that have cost him more money than he would make for appearing at their Hall of Fame ceremony.  It's not that Bruno needs the money but rather is a "very principled man" and told Hunter that he means more to the WWE Hall of Fame than the WWE Hall of Fame means to him.

I can confirm the plan is to hold next year's ceremony at Madison Square Garden in New York City and WWE really wants to get Bruno in, however, he's still very sour over a business deal that went bad a few years back because WWE got in the way.

  • Stephan

    Just a bit confused. If this is the case (and I'm not doubting you), then why did Bruno talk to Mike Johnson the following week calling Triple H a gentleman and that his beef was with Vince? What agenda does Bruno have to lie about it after the fact?

    • Richard Gray

      I'm not sure who Mike Johnson is or of the agenda of Bruno but I can tell you my source is very close to the Bruno camp and I trust the word they brought back.

      • TomasShadows

        Mike Johnson is a writer for PWInsider who interviewed Bruno Sammartino on 7/3 and posted the uncut audio of the interview on the site wherein Bruno has nothing but nice things to say about HHH.

        • Richard Gray

          I see. Well, I don't know Bruno's reasoning for working other sites but I'm under the impression that's exactly what he is doing. From what I understand, he was very unimpressed with Hunter.

  • Charles

    Any idea was the business deal that went sour was?

  • AB4

    Everyone's entitled to their feelings and it's no surprise that dealings involving Vince McMahon have ended up with bad blood. At the end of the day, all we have are our values and our principles, so all due respect to Bruno Sammartino in that regard.

    That said…I still feel that if Bret Hart can let bygones be bygones, everyone else looks just the tiniest bit petty in holding their grudges.

  • AntGilroy

    I hate wrestlers who think there better then the hall.