Bubba The Love Sponge Buries Hulk Hogan; Calls Him A "Hypocritical Fraud"

Bubba the Love Sponge buried Hulk Hogan on his radio show on Tuesday. He called Hogan a "hypocritical fraud" and said his ex-wife Heather Clem was a victim. He alleged that all three knew what was going on and Hogan painting himself as a victim is an attempt to save his public image. Due to a clause in his divorce, he was not allowed to discuss the tape and impending lawsuit but focused on Hogan portraying himself as an innocent victim.

Bubba also accused Hogan of leaking the tape himself and defended Hogan's ex-wife Linda. TMZ has more at this link.

Richards Reacts: The more I tried to ignore this story the bigger it became so we had no choice but to cover it. We revealed more details here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium on Sunday that basically goes along with what Bubba is saying. Check out the article for stuff you aren't going to read anywhere else.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    I think an AJ sex tape would be a bigger seller and story than a hogan one I am just saying..

  • Joe

    I guess the old expression is right. "Best Friends make the worst enemies".

    • Ernest Bethea

      There's another expression: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

  • Boom

    This guys lame

  • _JIM_

    Bubba is the hypocrite here. When Hogan was divorcing Linda and he was still friends with Hogan he would bury Linda every chance he got. He even testified in the divorce proceedings on Hulk’s side if I remember correctly. So if anyone is trying to save face here it’s Bubba. The guy is a complete low life that sold out his best friend for a cash grab. He may not have released the tape himself, but I would bet Heather did. It’s not like she’s got some career or anything. So she’s going to be needing money to keep living the life that she’s accustomed to. The simple fact that it was part of their divorce and he isn’t allowed to talk about it makes things sound even fishier to me. IMO Hogan trusted the wrong people and is paying the price for it now. He has nothing to gain in life by releasing that tape, but Bubba and Heather sure do. Bubba’s a wanna-be Howard Stern type shock jock so something like this would do nothing to tarnish his reputation. Especially after some of the things him and his cronies have pulled on that show. Heather could have seen dollar signs and released it now that she’s divorced from Bubba she had no reason to care about doing damage to one of his friends. All this has done for Hogan is totally ruin his reputation and could possibly cost him his job. He had absolutely nothing to gain here. Bubba is a scum bag and I hope Hogan’s lawyers take him and that dirty trollip of an ex-wife to the cleaners.

    • Brandon

      Jim, Hulk has a lot to gain by releasing a sex tape. The man was taken to the woodshed during his divorce. Even Tiger didnt lose 60-70% of his stuff. Look what a sex tape did for Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Now take that and the tape is with his best friends wife and his “best friend” released it! That has drama all over it and drama creates cash….

      • Ken

        Wouldn't surprise me if Bischoff was involved somewhere in this…

        • sweeeeeet

          He was in control! 😉

  • Trey8161

    Bottom line is there is no question in my mind that Hogan leaked the sex tape because he is the biggest “egomaniac” walking the planet…period!

  • smithmiester

    Fat turd.

  • Code

    I guess The Ultimate Warrior was right when he said Hogan was a fraud

  • Howard Stern

    Did anybody hear Hogan on my show? BaBaBooey called it, he's just trying to cover his image.

  • JJ

    My question is how in the hell did bubba let hogan sleep with his wife was it hogan asking or bubba telling him to do it or what

    • Patrick Peralta

      There are people in the world who are swingers and have sex with anyone who suit there fantasy and their partner is fine with it…. stupid yes but it does happen.

      personally who cares who slept with who…none of this this has anything to do with wrestling. Hogan , Bubba and all envolved deserve each other.

  • Ellen

    OMG! Who cares? Hulk had sex with Heather, he had sex with his wife, he had sex with who ever he wanted to. Heather had sex with Hulk, with Bubba, and who knows who else. Bubba had sex with Heather and who knows who else. WHO CARES? If you need crap like this to add to your 15 minutes of fame – have at it, but go away, far away.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Really someone is named bubba the love sponge, really. I no that’s not his name, but really, why would you in your right mind let your wife sleep with your best Freind.

    • Bigdaddychuck

      Yea that’s its now legal name too.. He was really big here in tampa Florida and has been in trouble with the law even. Google his name.. I couldn’t stand him at all.. I bet bubba did release the tape he needs the money

      • Patrick Peralta

        the guy is a moron