Buff Bagwell In ICU After Car Accident

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Details remain limited at this point but I was told earlier this afternoon that Buff Bagwell was involved in a serious car accident. While I do not know his condition, he's believed to be in the Intensive Care Unit.

  • Dave Barton

    "Details remain limited at this point…"

    I wonder if he ruptured his calf implants?

    • Jaryd

      Not cool man, I wouldn't wish bad things to happen to my worst enemy never mind a guy who just wasn't a great performer.

      • Dave Barton

        Au contraire, I thought he was a great entertainer. He had wcw fans in the palm of his hand with his Buff gimmick. I thought he’d be huge when he got to wwe.

        The calf implants were just the first thing that came to mind when I read about the accident. I remember when he had them put in, but I don’t know if he ever had them removed.

      • The Professor

        I agree. Not matter how much of an ALLEGED Douchebag he is and/or was backstage, NO ONE deserves that!

    • Moose666


  • stoney

    Hope he gets better

  • Andrew

    Want to know something eerie? Exactly 14 years ago, Buff broke his is neck in a tag team match on Thunder. It was taped on April 22nd, a Tuesday, and then aired that Thursday evening, exactly 14 years ago tonight!

  • PhilT81

    There is such a thing as coincidence. Scott Norton says that Marcus is going to be ok. I always felt that Buff was reasonably over as a midcard worker in WCW. In WWE he should have had a tag team with his friend Lex Luger – its a shame WWE neglect the tag division so much. I’d give Big Show/Khali the tag titles – that way we don’t need to see Khali in singles competition or God-forbid winning the world title again and Bug Show gets to pace himself a bit. Tag wrestling can be useful for older or bigger workers or workers who are over but don’t have the greatest ring work. That being said, there have been some great tag teams – such as Tge Steiners, Road Warriors, Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs… I could go on and on and go back further as well.

  • robert turner

    Buff is and always be the most entertaining figure from wcw!! And i hope him a speedy recovery! Buff rules! And he got screwed by wwe. Long live Buff the Stuff!!