Buff Bagwell Off Breathing Tube; Surgery Coming

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Universal Championship Wrestling posted the following update on Buff Bagwell:

  • Noah

    Thank jebus

  • Dave Barton

    Wait…so his wife AND his mother are both named Judy? That's gotta be odd in certain situations. (Remember, Buff's mom was a WCW Tag Champ with Rick Steiner.)

    • Kleck

      One of the reasons I ultimately changed the channel over to WWF

  • Dufus

    This is the first I'm hearing of Bagwell needing surgery. I hope he will be okay. Alexander Bagwell was one of the wrestlers I liked.

  • sickboy

    The good old days, How many people were simultaneously changing the channels from WCW to WWF. I myself was true to WCW. I wish we had a wrestling promotion as good as WCW Today. All the best wrestlers were at WCW! Buff Bagwell was one of my favorite wrestlers back in the day! I hope he has a speedy recovery!