Buff Bagwell's Wife Calls 911 Around The Time Of His Near-Fatal Car Accident; Listen To The Call Here

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TMZ is reporting that Buff Bagwell's wife dialed 911 on Monday - right around the time of his near-fatal car accident. Bagwell's wife informed the dispatcher that her husband had said he was about to have a seizure. TMZ, who obtained the 911 call, posted the following quote from Bagwell's wife to the 911 dispatcher:

"He's been cutting back on taking certain medications, and he is on a medication right now for a bacteria that’s in his system from another antibiotic. He's trying to cut back on pain pills, and maybe that’s what's causing [the seizure]."

She adds, Buff "has had a seizure before from the same thing."

You can listen to the call embedded in the video below:

  • Philip Thompson

    The 911 operator knew that it was Marcus Bagwells jeep although the guy on the phone said it wasn't a hard-top jeep after his wife said it was – but at least there was no issue with them being able to identify who they were bringing in to hospital and acquiring his medical history. I hope that he's ok in the long-term.

  • Jaryd

    Hmm this is kind of off the point but I've always thought it wasn't right that the media has such open access to 911 recordings to be able to plaster them everywhere.

    • Jim

      I totally agree with you on that. Who wants everyone to hear a recording of themselves in an emergency type situation. Could be pretty embarassing to the caller and really isn’t anybodies business but the callers and the emergency responders.

  • kbunyon

    That was heart wrenching to listen to.


  • Mr.Love

    Im gonna be that guy…. I wish no harm upon anyone at anytime. So why Is it buff can call his wife before the seizure? But not pull off the road to ensure he doesn’t harm anyone else including himself? Sorry it’s my first thought when I read this. I glad buff is ok

    • cheryl

      you are EXACTLY right, Mr. Love. That was irresponsible.

    • Dave Barton

      That was my first thought too. But if he was starting to seize, he probably wasn’t in his right mind when he placed the call.