Bully Ray Apologizes Again For Gay Slurs

TNA Champion Bully Ray posted the following on Twitter:

I wrote a detailed piece about the incident that can be read here at TNANews.com.  Also remember to follow us on Twitter @wnwnews.

  • Guest

    Who cares

  • RJ

    Um, sorry Bully Ray, but apologizing to the fan you made the remark to isn’t the only apology that needs to be made. You insulted not only that fan but also an entire community of people with the use of your derogatory slur.

    • Iamjohnnymcb

      Boohoo princess

    • FrankieO

      Ya, even though he took the time to apologize directly to the fan as well as posting an apology to everyone on twitter, he should have done research for a cpl weeks, found the emails, facebook account and phone numbers of every homosexual in north america, actually abroad too, and said sorry to every single one. Is that enough? Maybe take all of them out for a meet and greet with free tshirts too. Will that do?

      I remember years ago in ecw he called a fan an asshole too. If thats true he should apologize to every asshole out there as well.

      If you get that offended by a word whether your gay or straight, that a wrestler in the heat of the moment says to a fan, then i suggest you close your curtains, lock your door, cancel your cable/internet package and dont do anything for the next 50 years. if you do, prepare to get your feelings hurt like the other 7 billion ppl living on this planet.

  • PFElton

    This has gotten way out of hand. Everyone needs to dry their eyes and put a fresh bandaid on their bleeding hearts and get over it.

    • 1molly23

      Amen! Good for you Bully – takes a BIG man to admit their wrong. The rest of these offended souls need to suck it up and go find something to bitch about!

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    I like seeing Bully break character and take responsibility for his mistake.

  • Stop apologizing Ray.

  • Yung

    Even apologizing once earned my respect. And the theres CM Punk who told a fan he had a VJJ and then told another to drink bleach and did not apologize. I’m expecting all the Internet Punk Marks to thumbs down this one.

  • Firstly, he shouldn’t have done it full stop, others need to stop moaning about it.

  • Chris

    I was about 20 feet from this particular interaction and Bully was in the face of a lot of people that night. I 100% don’t condone the words he used, but I saw this “fan” before the show and thought it was a woman. It was all chuckles after Bully walked away for everyone in the area. Can’t say those types of things, in character or not, but he apologized so it’s time to move on.

  • Oh, why not. I’ll add my two cents.

    Ray was doing what he does best, and that is getting the crowd involved. I’ve seen him for 15 years as a face & a heel, and he always tries his absolute hardest to make the fans get involved & forget that they’re watching a performance.

    That said, he has said far worse. Go watch the Dudley Boys’ ECW dvd. Even I couldn’t believe some of the things he said to fans when he was in his “zone.”

    But I believe the bottom line here is that he’s in a place that doesn’t want that word used, period. There are plenty of words that are used by groups of people on themselves (f*gg*t, n*gg*r, etc…and yes, I’m self-censoring), but regardless of how any of us feel about it, Ray’s employers at TNA don’t want it done. So in that aspect, I do feel he was wrong & I feel he did the right thing for the company by going out of his way with apologizing.

    My only real problem with the incident is people who claim its a homophobic word. Phobia implies fear, and in no way did Ray imply fear of the man (such as if he’d said “Don’t try to kiss me, you f*gg*t.”) He used it as a generalization for the guy’s long hair & (reportedly) shaved chest, and he unquestionably used it as an insult, but not as a fearful word. And again, he did it only to get heat as a performer, he never got on the mic and proclaimed “I hate all f*gg*ts” or anything.