Bully Ray Discusses Devon's Departure As "Temporary", If A WWE Return Is Possible, Being A CM Punk Fan, Whether It Is Right Comparing TNA To WWE, & More

TNA Wrestling's World Heavyweight Champion, Bully Ray was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet for WOIO-TV to promote this week's Impact Wrestling in Cleveland, Ohio. Chris mentioned that Bully was "open and honest" with him throughout the entire interview. Thanks Chris for sending this to us! Below is some of the answer to the questions:

On TNA not being competition for WWE:

Because there are only two major wrestling companies in the United States, so of course the public's perception is that we're in competition with each other. But I don't know how you can really, truly compete with a gigantic mega machine like the WWE when TNA's been around for 11 years. And in 11 years they're very, very successful and they're growing leaps and bounds and there's a tremendous amount of light at the end of the tunnel. But you can't compete. That's like, you know, an up and coming company's little bank trying to compete with Chase Manhattan or whatever. I like to look at it as two separate companies and two separate brands of entertainment that wrestling fans can thoroughly enjoy.

On Sting going to WWE: "

You have to make the smartest business decisions for yourself, for your family and for your career. And if Sting thinks that he has accomplished everything that he possibly could in TNA and he wants to go do that, more power to him"

On not being a fan of technical wrestling:

"Who gives a crap about technical wrestling? Listen, technical wrestling doesn't put asses in seats. Nobody wants to see technical wrestling. Technical wrestling is boring. People want to see car crashes and big explosions and they want to see guys fight and bleed and have sex with the other guy's girlfriend."

On Devon's recent departure from TNA:

"As of right now, Devon is unfortunately not with TNA Wrestling. Here's the thing about Devon being gone, in my eyes it's a temporary thing."

On watching WWE:

"I am a business man and I am a student of the game. I watch anything and everything that I can get my hands on so I can see where the trend in pro wrestling is going, so I can see what people are reacting to, so I can see what new moves guy might be doing. A good businessman always knows his competition and a good businessman always knows what's going on around him so I would never sit here and lie to you and tell you 'Oh no, I can't watch anything else'. I watch everything. Whether it's WWE or Japan or smaller independents or whatever."

On CM Punk:

"I'm a big CM Punk fan. The reason I appreciate Punk is
because he's fearless and because he reminds me of me back in the day
because is so comfortable on the microphone and he will say what comes
to mind and deal with the repercussions later"

He also talked about a number of other topics including bringing MMA guys into TNA, his own retirement, admitting that he never wanted to be a singles wrestler, and who his dream match would be with (he said The Road Warriors if it was a tag match, and Terry Funk it was a singles match. He also does a spot on impersonation of Funk). The full interview is below and I really recommend it!

  • Richard

    CM Punk is the GREATEST.

  • jdl

    Did… did Bully Ray just compare himself to CM Punk? Seriously? A man who has always been a fat, out of shape slob with very little wrestling ability outside of power moves, was never able to get over solo in the WWE, has never been known for cutting exceptional promos thinks that CM Punk reminds him of himself? Bully Ray may be on the best run of his career currently, but that’s only because he’s never had a good solo run before. He is not, nor has he ever, been comparable to Punk. On his absolute worst day Punk puts on better matches, cuts better promos and outworks Bully.

    • Razmos

      Geese why dont you just marry the guy already!!

    • Dave Barton

      Did you not read what Ray actually said? It was all about fearlessness on the mic & not being afraid to get reprimanded for it later by the bosses.

      Having watched Ray since 1996 or so, I have to say I am INCREDIBLY proud of what he’s done with his career.

    • D-Bag

      Bully is probably the best heel in the business right now. The man incited riots with his promos back in the ECW days. I don’t think Bully was comparing himself to Punk’s wrestling ability, but their ability to cut good promos.

    • Scottyo614

      Go watch Bubba Ray Dudley promos in ECW. Punks never came close to those levels.

      And this is coming from a Punk fan…

  • ken

    Funny how Bully Ray disses technical wrestling and then compares himself to CM Punk.

  • Darth Watchdog

    “Who gives a crap about technical wrestling? Listen, technical wrestling doesn’t put asses in seats. Nobody wants to see technical wrestling. Technical wrestling is boring. People want to see car crashes and big explosions and they want to see guys fight and bleed and have sex with the other guy’s girlfriend.”

    I don’t 100% agree, because I do like some technical wrestling, but this is seriously one of the greatest wrestling quotes ever.

  • Jaryd

    Ah I was agreeing with everything BR said until the technical wrestling part. If noone cares about technical wrestling then how come Daniel Bryan was getting huge ovations before he’d really done any proper promo work and found his charisma? And then when he was “fired” the fans chanted his name every single week

  • Rus

    He was more saying technical wrestling on its own wouldn’t put asses in seats, he also said it has its place as does knock outs, x division etc I thought that was a great interview and kinda makes me want to check out TNA again