Bully Ray Medical Emergency, Brooke Hogan Getting Married

Bully Ray Medical Emergency

TNA Champion Bully Ray didn't work TNA live events Thursday and Friday as advertised. Jeremy Borash opened Friday's show by saying the TNA Champion couldn't make it due to a medical emergency. I haven't heard anything else but he just did an interview with Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg. We recapped/featured it at this link.

Brooke Hogan Getting Married

Speaking of Bully, Brooke Hogan is getting married. For real this time. Brooke's brother, Nick, Tweeted this photo in Las Vegas of Brooke with an engagement ring with who appears to be her fiancé:

  • Patrick

    and here I thought she was really married all ready Brooke spent months saying she really (no storyline) was married to Bully Ray LOL

  • LBP365

    The problem is this now (even know we new it was fake) they was still trying to pretend she my have feeling for him once again Nick u messed s up.

  • Mike Brailsford

    Any wrestling writer even dreaming of a kayfabe wrestling wedding ought to be suspended for life.