Bully Ray On Impact Podcast, TNA Champ & AJ Styles To Talk To WNW, Mickie James Update

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- TNA Champion Bully Ray is featured in a new Impact Wrestling Podcast with JB and Christy Hemme at this link. You can also listen embedded in the video below:

- Speaking of Bully Ray, we'll be speaking with him and AJ Styles next Tuesday to promote Bound for Glory. We'll be posting a transcript of the conversations.

- Mickie James was on "Inside the Ropes" and refused to discuss her contract status with TNA Wrestling. She said that she was sure people could figure it out. Basically, Mickie's contract was up and she was asked to take a pay cut in which she declined.

  • smark calloway

    hope you ask ‘ bully & age’ some tough questions regarding the stature of tna, is hulk leaving a shoot ?( hopefully ) , why does gunner still have a job ? ( hes clueless and drawless ) .. whats tna’s obsessions with gangs ? ( aces, mem etc ) why is andersons contract gonna be renewed ? ( hes couldnt draw flies to sh*t ) and things of that nature .dont just ask generic ” hype up the show ” questions

    • Scott Davies

      If its with in their power to say. If TNA has told them not to speak about it. Then they won’t.

      • smark calloway

        Yeah tell me about it . I was at a tna meet n greet last year in London , and their security/PR people were grade A a**holes

    • Patrick

      I disagree Gunner is good.

      • smark calloway

        yeah hes good….at putting the viewers to sleep ! . when was the last time anybody sat at home and said ” oh tna is in town this weekend. if gunner is on the show , im gonna buy a ticket for sure “

    • LBP365

      Well I wasn’t going to say anything because everyone has a rant and u r entitled to your but, and there is a but Anderson was just miss used they has an Steve Austin type thing going but joining the Ace’s and Eights was stupid him being a self man playing both side of the fences was the best move and TNA blew it. Gunner is CLUELESS BIG TIME but, with some tv talk training he may work out

  • LBP365

    If Mickie pay cut is 10% or less she should stay(I could b wrong) but didn’t her attitude rub WWE exec. the wrong way at one time but, if she move on with her, Hulk, and Ken Anderson gone try Maria and the Briscoe’s from ROH i’m sure there cheaper.