Bully Ray Had No Reservations About Putting Dixie Carter Through A Table, Highlight Of His Career

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Bully Ray participated in a conference call with the pro wrestling media on Tuesday to discuss this week's episode of Impact Wrestling from New York City.

I got to ask the first question, asking him if he had any reservations about putting Dixie Carter through a table. Bully Ray said he didn't have any reservations whatsoever about putting anyone through a table - especially Dixie Carter.

He said he's a professional and knows what he's doing. I pressed if he thought he might kill his boss. Bully said he had absolutely no reservations and it was the highlight of his career.

CJ Blaze from TNANews.com was also on the call and will have a complete recap online later.

  • jdl

    That’s a pretty pitiful career if putting Dixie Carter through a table its the highlight of it. I don’t know whether that speaks to the notion that Bully realizes that he’s only a top worker because he’s in TNA, where mediocrity is often allowed to shine, or if he just has a very negative view on his own career.

    • John

      I think your being ridiculous by even suggesting that Bully Ray is mediocre! He is/was a member of the most successful tag team in the history of professional wrestling and for a period of about 1 year, he was easily the best heel in the business during his run in Aces & Eights. Regardless of what you think of TNA as a promotion, Bully Ray was unrivalled by anyone in any other promotion during that period.

      • jdl

        If you actually believe he was the top heel in the business during this A&8s run, a run that was rife with an over abundance of members of the stable, constant plot holes and ended up fizzling out into nothing, then you are either a TNA mark, or completely unaware of anything but WWE or TNA. He wasn’t even the best heel in TNA, let alone the entire industry.

        Bully Ray is fat, out of shape, slow, clumsy and was always the weak link in Team 3D/ The Dudleys. The fact that he can talk better than Devon is the only reason he got over more than his former partner. However ignoring all that Bully chose putting Dixie Carter through a table as the highlight of his career? That speaks volumes.

    • BlazeKing

      It’s the highlight of his career because nobody ever expected Dixie to actually go through a table! Love her or hate her, she showed commitment to her company by doing it.