Bully Ray Struck By Fan At Impact In Chicago (Video)

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Bully Ray had so much heat on Thursday night in Chicago that a fan punched him. Ronnie Lang and the Atlas Security crew handled it by ejecting the fan but you can watch in the video embedded below:

  • sir-rusty82

    Didnt even see Bully get hit what was the time on the video were it happened

    • just before bully ray is facing the camera nearest to us, thats when he gets hit, which i can only gather the idiot in the black in the crowd hit the belt instead. but the mafiaa looking security grabbed the guy straight away

      • SkinheadOichick

        Security guards prevented the fan from ever being able to physically attack Bully Ray and diffused the situation from turning into a physical altercation against Bully Ray. They will throw people out of a pro wrestling show if they do try to hit a pro wrestler. Either that or the cops’ll be nearby so that if you are thinking of assaulting a pro wrestler or WWE Superstar you’ll get into trouble for it.

        Maybe the security guards and the cops do know and understand how upset people can feel and do at times get.

        What needs to happen is: Guys in WWE like John Cena and The Rock if they do continue to behave wrongfully or unfairly or antagonistically toward other people in WWE or in the audience or that aren’t even fans…they get their asses handed to em by, none other than……….

        THE PEOPLE!!!!

        And the cops can refuse to provide security and the fans or haters or non fans can take matters into their own hands like it should be.

        Reason I didn’t attack Kofi Kingston after he busted Orton open in 2008-2009 was:

        There were cops/police officers around and there were also fans around. I didn’t want to make myself look bad by physically attacking Kingston. Or make it appear as though I were racist. Bad enough that the media tries to make all Skinheads out to be racist thugs. So, this Skinhead girl didn’t hit him. I also had gotten lost and couldn’t find my way back to the bus station that night for about 3 and a half to 4 hours. Because of feeling so upset about what had happened to Randy Orton.

        I felt like I let Randy Orton down by not sticking the Boot into Kingston’s skull for him busting Randy Orton open on Raw that night and I feel like I let Randy Orton down by not doing the same to John Cena physically speaking. For things he did that were wrong to Randy by what he’s said and done.

        My question and issue with all this stuff is:

        How can this problem be solved?? Only way I can figure out to deal with it is improve myself and my life so I can get into WWE and kick Cena’s ass and anyone else’s ass in that has done Randy Orton wrong and dish out f**king payback to them! That’s how I feel about things.

        • PaulW3000

          Wow you’re an idiot… Yours Sincerely, Society…

        • Wrestling isn’t real….

          Serious, serious MARK!

        • Dangerous Lee

          This post is stupidly epic.

        • Matt

          Take a seat. That was pretty spectacular. Reason I do
          T attack professional wrestlers. They’re bigger than me and I’m not a diuche.

        • You sound like you should be in the shield

          • Nostaljack

            Maybe just the rubber room.

        • Luke

          You actually took time out to write that? Wow

        • Razmos

          Someone is in love with Randy Orton here, why dont you ask him to marry you or something

        • Guest

          Mark. Total mark.

  • phenix2032

    lmfao and smh!

  • The Breaker

    While I don’t condone members of the audience doing things to get themselves thrown out, I love the level of heat that Bully Ray is drawing! You could make an argument for him as the top heel in all of wrestling right now. Even if Punk tops that list, Bully is right behind him.
    As crazy as it sounds that one man can make an angle pop, I think Bully has done more in the past week to make anyone care about Aces & Eights than any of TNA’s efforts in the past five or so months. He is the perfect guy for this spot, and I can’t wait to see where they take things next.

  • Matt

    Is it wrong to ask for some proof reading?