Bully Ray Talks About Breaking Up Team 3D; TNA Impact Wrestling Coming To West Virginia

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- The UK Sun has a new article featuring quotes from Bully Ray. The piece highlights his success in singles competition and he talks about splitting up Team 3D.

"There have been plenty of people that told me I should have broken away from Team 3D a long time ago, but I kept it together for very good reasons

"Financial reasons, fun reasons. Me and D-Von are the most successful team in the world in the past 20 years. Hands down, no arguments.

"How do we measure success? We measure it in two ways in the wrestling business — money and world titles. You can't tell me another team in the past 20 years that has made more money or had more championship reigns.

"I'm not saying we are the greatest tag team in the world — I would never, ever say that. That's pompous, That's bulls***, but we are the most successful tag team in the world."

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

- Marshall University's student newspaper, The Parthenon, has a new article mentioning tomorrow night's TNA Impact Wrestling live event in Huntington, West Virginia. Click here to read it.

  • steve2

    Yeah, because there was no such thing as DX. Oh, wait…

    • nWo 4 life

      DX was nothing more than a nWo-wannabe faction that even after they paired it down to HHH and HBK they STILL did not win more titles because they never wrestled anywhere other than WWF/E.

      Ray and D-Von won titles EVERYWHERER they went—INCLUDING the WWF/E.

      Stop being a mark—makes you look stupud.

      • BigMike

        while i see your point A LITTLE…. DX or the original Clique was around LONG before the NWO was ever thought of Dud;eys won Titles everytwhere they went yes HBK was in line for the AWA Tag Titles at the early stages of his career BUT heres the thing Dudleys went everywhere from promotion to promotion ECW WWF?E with the Merged WCW, Japan and TNA with other places all over in there HBK and HHH both started in one place and became HUGE in the WWF/E and never left thats the difference are they good enough to win titles elsewhere? HELL YES THEY ARE!!!!!

      • steve2

        Spelling stupid “stupud” makes you look stupid. And I highly doubt that the dudleys can compete financially with DX no matter how many rinky dink wrestling outfits they worked for. WWE is the biggest and brings in the most money. It’s just common sense. And by the way, you definitely don’t come off as a mark NWO 4 LIFE”

  • Dirk Mingler


  • thatguy

    money wise? New Ago Outlaws got ya beat buddy

  • Irish Noel

    What about the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom?

  • Japanese_Cobra

    Yoshitino, sorry, santoshi.

  • AceV

    What about the “one man, rockband” Heath slater, I mean, he is a whole rockband.

  • yeah that’s true, and another oarsen why is because Benoit volunteered to have unprotected chairshots to the head and also to go all out with the full diving headbutt, originally the diving headbutt should be that you land on your knees before you before landing on your head on your opponent this is done so fast that the viewers never notice as this is for the wrestlers own safety, but Benoit wanted to add realism and to go with a full diving headbutt without landing on his knees.