Bully Ray Uses Homophobic Slur At Impact, Apologizes

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TNA Champion Bully Ray used a homophobic slur to a fan following last Thursday's Impact Wrestling taping in Chicago, Illinois.

"Sit down, faggot!" Bully Ray barked at the fan. As he confronted him, Ray poked fun at the fan for shaving his chest.

You can watch what happened at 6:18 in the video embedded below:

Ray wrote the following on Twitter:

Dixie Carter wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Daarko

    Well.. He is a bully. It’s fine that they apologize, but I think we’re over this issue in 2013. Would it have been better had he called ham an SOB? Gays don’t choose to be gays, sons of bitches don’t choose to be born by a bitch whether we are talking a real woman or a female dog, but insults will always be like that and I think it’s fine, he’s in character. Some are less tolerant than but most people can take a lot of things with a grain of salt these days

  • I’ve read many rumours on sites regarding what a complete ARSE he is, no surprise then here.

  • Phil

    He’s in character… I know it’s not the most pleasant comment but its called a show. You don’t like it, don’t get ringside tickets?? You wouldn’t go to a comedy show front row and not expect the chance to be ripped on.
    This world is going over the top on political correctness!

  • Jeff Baker

    In character or not, it’s really not acceptable. If he came out and called someone the N word it wouldn’t be acceptable. This is the same thing. It’s time to stop dragging our knuckles as wrestling fans and evolve a little bit.

  • I’m so sick of people having to walk back what they say. The speech police will get mad for people saying a gay slur, yet no one monitored what was said about Mitt Romney, his wife, or Paul Ryan’s wife during the election by well known figures.

  • PFElton

    I think people need to stop being so sensitive.

  • SOH

    I don’t see the reason to apologize. He was in character and it was part of the show. I am a gay dude myself and if Bully Ray did that crap to me then I would just laugh it off cause its part of the show. PC has gone out of control.

  • Wreckless discharge

    He is aheel. Heels dont apoligized for distasteful comments. Have you heard old Dudley Boyz fan interactions from ecw this was tame.

  • It’s a work.

  • Batman

    Wow. Really? Comment got deleted? For what? Saying that he was wrong to use it and people that say it’s okay are idiots, like the Ben Pithie guy up there saying “queers” are an “abomination”?

    Censorship at its finest. Well done, WNW. Maybe if you spent less time deleting comments you disagree with that are perfectly valid, and more time researching your “news” you’d not report false nonsense that could, in the case of an Uso, damage his standing. Well done.