Bully Ray Wins TNA Championship, Aligns With Aces & Eights

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Bully Ray turned on Brooke & Hulk Hogan at TNA Lockdown, winning the TNA Championship and aligning with Aces & Eights as the faction's President.

Below is how Ray's title match against Jeff Hardy ended courtesy of our result report by Sean Hopkins:

Hulk Hogan is shown walking his way down to the ring on crutches with Brooke in tow. Hogan walks his way around the ring and shouts words of encouragement to Ray. He tells Bully to get up and not stop. More members of Aces and 8′s make their way out as all the members begin to surround the cage and make their way inside. Ray and Hardy get back to back. Devon reaches in his pants and pulls out a hammer, tossing it to Ray. Ray hits Hardy in the back of the head. Hogan is completely shocked, screaming out ‘NO’. Devon and Ray celebrate and Ray pins Hardy for the three count.

Winner and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bully Ray

Brooke cries and Hogan continues to look shocked as Ray celebrates with Aces and 8′s and yells at the referee to raise his hands. Ray yells at Brooke and says she’s nothing to him. He calls Hogan an old man, and a piece of crap, and tells him to do something. Ray tells Brooke to shut her mouth as Hogan calls him a dead man.

Ray has a mic and he says that’s right. He tells Devon to let that stupid b**** cry. He calls out Hogan, telling him that he used him. He tells Brooke he screwed her. Hogan and Brooke go nuts, and fans begin to litter the ring with bottles and garbage. Ray says he fooled every single one of the fans. The music hits and Taz says Aces and 8′s hold all the cards. Ray says that he’s the president of the Aces and 8′s, and he’s the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Ray and the rest of Aces and 8′s continue to antagonize the crowd while they throw garbage as the PPV fades to black.

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  • Brian B

    Hmm…Bash at the Beach 1997 comes to mind with this finish. Recycling ideas much?

    • Tina

      Bash at the Beach and reminds me of when Rikishi/HHH/Austin incident

  • Brian B

    Hmm…Bash at the Beach 97 comes to mind with this finish. Recycling ideas much TNA?

    • Nick Riviera

      Omg it’s 1996! You wrestling babies don’t know much lol it was Bash at the Beach 96! Sorry but it just pisses me off when ppl gets wrestling history wrong being that I am a wrestling historian and a gentleman and a scholar.

      • soulfool

        Anything Hogan or Bischoff put their fingers to usually goes kurphlooey !!!

  • millie

    bully ray should be fired on impact and with out pay.
    and hope Brooke and hulk should just tell ace’s and eight’s to leave impact for good.

    • You know it’s just a show right?

      • Nostaljack

        Let Millie be into it. Who cares?

    • soulfool

      Hulk/Brooke/Bischoff/Prichard should be fired indefinately !!!

  • StupidWrestlingFans

    did they lose weight?

  • Nick Riviera

    I am not at all shocked that Bully Ray is the president of Aces and 8’s. in fact I called it back at Bound for Glory and every time Bully was in a match against them. I am surprised however that he finally is a world champion! That he deserves! All bs aside, him winning a world title is a huge deal! I am glad he’s back to being a heel because that’s where he’s best! HOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • fooled everybody but the iwc and only good thing is that its about time that they revealed who mostly everybody thought to be the leader

    • soulfool

      Most thought it was Jeff Jarrett and phuck-face Bischoff at first !!!

  • What’s funny is I don’t watch or follow TNA and saw this coming. LOL

  • Gray_Richard

    Buh Buh Ray Dudley is now world champion

  • Patrick

    don’t care about Bully Ray or Aces and Eight both are boring zzzzzzzzzzz

  • Kimo

    Perhaps someone can answer this question. I know it is still early, but now that Bully Ray is the TNA champion, does this spell a possible Matt Morgan face turn which then leads to a Bully Ray-Matt Morgan feud down the line. If you look back at what has happened between Hogan and Morgan he might look to him as the only guy that knock off Bully Ray as he has been chomping at the bit to be in the title picture.