Bullying & Being A Heel, CM Punk's Animosity For The Rock, Problem With Raw Being 3 Hours, Punk vs. Austin At Wrestlemania

Why does WWE continue to do things such as 3-on-1 beatdowns, sneak attacks and cheap shots if they are serious about their anti-bullying campaign?

We've highlighted hypocrisy in WWE's be-A-star anti-bullying campaign in the past, however, the stuff you mentioned is not bullying. Heels being heels are part of the show and essential to make the business work. The story of the woman claiming Alberto Del Rio bullied her son for ripping his sign at a weekend live event is ridiculous and probably a ploy to draw mainstream media attention. There are boundaries that have been crossed that shouldn't have been but it's also important to remember what you see on television is scripted entertainment (most of the time). There is no need to "check your brain at the door" and I believe most people understand the difference between entertainment and reality.

Does CM Punk have a real problem and animosity against The Rock?

CM Punk, like many other workers in WWE, has legitimate beef with how The Rock is able to come in as a part-timer, dominate the spotlight for a select number of appearances and leave only to return and do it again. Many, if not most, of the workers that are on the road 300 days out of the year feel the same way. However, the stuff that is likely to be used on WWE programming will be "turned up" a couple notches to get it over in storyline. As for my thoughts, if a worker gets over and draws, they should be able to do so. I have no problem with part-time talent if they create interesting and compelling programs. Rather than criticize the part-timers, I feel people like CM Punk should try and become bigger stars to where there is no need to utilize past stars. Do you think either The Rock or Steve Austin needed Hulk Hogan to come in and sell pay-per-views?

Update: I know I have to be careful when I'm critical of Punk but let me try a second attempt to clarify my point. The Rock, Steve Austin, Mick Foley and D-Generation X were responsible for defeating WCW in the height of the Monday Night Wars. They drove ratings, pay-per-view buyrates and merchandise sales that ultimately sent a billionaire in Ted Turner scrambling to unload the money hole WCW had become. For those talking about Wrestlemania 18, upon which point Hulk Hogan returned to face The Rock, this was AFTER the war had been won. The Attitude Era ended in March 2001 when McMahon purchased World Championship Wrestling.

If Raw was two hours and did a 2.5 rating then what would people complain about? It's an hour extra and people are blowing a gasket for no reason.

I don't necessarily think people are upset about the length of WWE Raw as they are at the lack of entertaining content. This week's Raw was better but it still included material that could have been cut and would have been just as entertaining. One of the things we've seen with the three-hour shows is viewer fatigue setting in, with people tuning out for the third and final hour. Three hours is a long time to watch anything but it's especially difficult when it's not compelling television. Expanding to three hours has worn everyone out, starting with the writers and producers and going all the way through the roster. As for viewership, four million viewers should be an absolutely minimum and last week we saw that number go below that floor which is disturbing.

With CM Punk name dropping Steve Austin so much is there a chance a match will happen at Wrestlemania XXIX next year?

WWE wants the match to happen but it depends on Steve Austin's availability, health and desire to work again. The booking will be complicated but one can only hope it gets done. However, I don't think anyone doesn't believe the basic groundwork has been laid for the possible dream match.

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  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard if punk was in the rock and Austin era he wouldn’t need past stars either I think.. Also hogan did sell wrestlemania 18 out when he fought the rock? Also the no way out ppv? How do you explain that?

    • GODSENT83

      Hogan was not a part timer at the time though so it’s not really a fair assessment.

    • SRP

      Hogan didn’t come back alone. That was an nWo revival. It’s not the same as what was happening with The Rock.

    • Howard Stern

      Of course Hogan was a boost but he wasn't necessary to draw more than 4 million viewers.

    • Think 1st!

      Hulk Hogan wasn't "needed." Key word being 'needed." Thats the explanation. And you're right, if Punk was in The Rocks and Stone Colds era he wouldn't need past stars. Thats actually concurring with Richards point. He wouldn't need them because would have them.. LOL! Come'on guys. Let's think things through!

    • Richard Gray

      Again, the war was over Chuck. I'm talking about the height of the Monday Night Wars. I'm guessing many here are too young to remember…

      • W

        Do you think that in the Eastern time slot, more people are tuning out due to how late the show runs? (2 or 3 hours makes no difference). For instance, I live in the Central time zone but have been working in Michigan for 2 years. I get up at 4:00 am and staying up until 11:00 on the night before is difficult. Although I did watch VKM tear the house down last Monday night, most Mondays I try and stay up as late as I can but always end up turning RAW off about 9:30 or 10:00. I guess it also has to do with who or what is advertised for the main event. It’s just a thought. By the way, seeing VKM take those bumps gave me chills and was totally different that seeing Rick Flair or HH wrestle. He definately still has it and that was awesome. I hope it lit a fire under the rest of the talent and showed them what it takes to get the job done!

      • PFElton

        Kids these days, huh Rich? Bet they don't even remember Disco Inferno. ;D

        • Richard Gray

          Haha word

      • sweeeeeet

        It’s almost 2013 and we’re still talking about the Monday Night Wars which ended early 2001. This is great! Wish Eric Bischoff could have purchased WCW. Who knows where we’d be now. The sad thing is I don’t see it ever coming back.

      • Bigdaddychuck

        Lol Richard I am older than you buddy..

    • BigMike

      Chuck as Richard said Vince had won the Monday night Wars before Hulk came back to the WWF/E which means that The Rock,Stone Cold, DX and others WHOWERE THERE AT THE TIMEare the reason Vince won and WM18 was great BUT the wars were over so Vince and the WWF/E never needed Bret who was gone by then, Hulk who was not there and the others who you might come up with, I have been a wrestling fan since I was 5 years old; I remember much of the wrestling from the 80's and the 90's including the entire Monday Night Wars and the utter defeat of WCW so Chuck your logic is flawed


    So do you condemn actors for making a toke where they are drug dealers/users and then do anti drug commercials??? How is that any different??? The hypocrisy is saying it’s entertainment and then condemning them for it. When a face is a bully and they make him being a bully the center of the face gimmick that would be hypocrisy, until then people need to relax and remember it is entertainment and a hell being a bully is a great way of showing that it’s not good.

    • GODSENT83

      Role not toke, sorry stupid autocorrect

  • mark3man

    Do you think either The Rock or Steve Austin needed Hulk Hogan to come in and sell pay-per-views?

    WM 18…..sorry couldn't resist

    • Richard Gray

      The war was over by this point Mark. I'm guessing you're a younger fan and do not remember the height of the Monday Night Wars which nearly resulted in WCW being put out of business.

      • Mark3man

        No no Richard, im as old as time. I was just been argumentive, purely on the fact that the rock and Hogan were mention together in your answer and the match was billed as icon v icon( not too dissimilar to cena /rock.) However relating to the big names not relying on part time big draws, how many wm sales do you think can be put down to Pam
        Anderson and Mike Tyson who were
        Both used to build arguably the best of hall time. HBK, both them wm there the two people I wanted to see.

        both used with

      • GODSENT83

        WCW was put out business

  • mark3man

    I personally believe the WWE is the perfect place to have an anti bullying program, very much like if you had a show where everyone took drugs and then them going round doing anti drug demo's or shows with guns etc etc…Its very much like the 'dont try this at home adverts' no one ever complained about seeing Mick Foley saying don't do this its dangerous and then getting thrown through a flaming table.

  • Joey

    Hasn't Punk buried th hatchet with Rock? I could've sworn after Wrestlemania, Punk said he came around on him and realized he was the real deal.

  • Explain to me…

    The only thing thats hard for me to comprehend is why Brock Lesnar doesn't receive the same locker room beef and public backlashing from these same WWE Superstars, like Punk, that The Rock does. It's the same situation. Both stars work part-time and jumped in the Main Event picture. It makes the issue and their cries lose credibility when they show a double standard.

    • Richard Gray

      You don't think people despise Lesnar for coming back to "cash in"? Of course they do but the thing about Brock is HE DOESN'T CARE. When Rock comes in he's very "hands on" with the booking of his character, such as making sure Vince doesn't force him to abide with PG. With Lesnar, he'll do whatever they say just to collect his paycheck and go home.

      • Lemme rephrase.

        Like I previously stated, why doesn't he receive the same "public backlashing," as The Rock? Guys like Punk and Ziggler have publicly complained about The Rocks position. I don't have to think they despise The Rock for it, as I do with Brock Lesnar. With Lesnar its kept backstage and no one is going on a media rant about it. You've documented many of times Lesnar doesn't even care about the WWE Product, nor how his character is booked. From what I've read the only difference is The Rock cares about how is onscreen character is being booked and developed, like any WWE Superstar should. Why is he being attacked for that? Were as Brock, who is their for a "paycheck," is not?

      • GODSENT83

        But they have been talking negatively about rock before he even came back, saying they hope he doesn’t. And yea he gets to be hands on, he’s earned it

  • fan

    "I feel people like CM Punk should try and become bigger stars to where there is no need to utilize past stars. Do you think either The Rock or Steve Austin needed Hulk Hogan to come in and sell pay-per-views?"

    The Rock and Steve Austin weren't hampered by creative. The real issue isn't the wrestlers/stars of today, but the opportunities or lack thereof, that they are given by creative. For years we have been saying WWE needs to create stars, yet they don't, and when a wrestler like CM Punk, D-Bry or Ryder create a name for themselves WWE does everything possible to slow them down. Ryder makes a name for himself outside of WWE TV (because he isn't given a chance on TV), and WWE doesn't capitalize, all they do is give him the US Title and still keep him off TV, or fail to give him a good storyline. D-Bry wins over the crowd as a heel, yet they continue to tweak him to be a heel (recently, they realize they might as well stop trying.) CM Punk blows up last summer, then they stick him in a stupid feud with Nash, and they don't even finish it with a match?

    To say "Do you think either The Rock or Steve Austin needed Hulk Hogan to come in and sell pay-per-views?" isn't doing justice to wrestlers like CM Punk. CM Punk proved he could sell PPVs on his own, especially since the initial "pipe bomb" promo was all on his own. The best move creative did during that angle was tell CM Punk to go out and say whatever he wanted. How are wrestlers to make themselves as big a stars as Austin or Rock if creative doesn't allow them to? CM Punk and D-Bry bring the house down at Over The Limit, yet they were just thrown together weeks before instead of building a feud that the fans can sink their teeth into. In the attitude era they actually followed through with feuds. One of the best feuds of that era, Rock vs. Austin, and their animosity was built over the course of years, not weeks.

    I'm not a huge CM Punk fan, but respect what he has done. I was one of those that thought he ruined the WHC, but not because he couldn't live up to it, but because of the way he was presented. Not until he was doing the SES did I actually believe he belonged in that top tier of stars. Look at what creative did (and failed to do) with wrestlers such as, Koslov, Swagger, CM Punk (1st WHC), Lashley, R-Truth (1st psycho heel turn), and countless others, they either push them to the top without build so the fans can become interested (something they now have changed with Ryback) OR they build a bit of steam as was the case with Lashley and R-Truth, and then they just let them fall off creatively. R-Truth could have been much bigger, yet he wasn't seen as a viable contender so they pass him up. You know how much further they could have gone with him? Me neither because then they stuck him with the stupid Little Jimmy gimmick, even though he initially brought that up to taunt the younger fans. Could have had a nice run as a crazy heel with a "Don't boo me. You should be booing yourselves." T-shirt.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, WWE be CREATIVE! Don't continuously rehash old crap! How can new stars be born, if they aren't given a creative opportunity.

    • Bigdaddychuck

      Reading this comment was like watching a 4 hour raw lmao

    • SRP

      I agree with what you’re saying about R-Truth. He had the potential to be lasting top heel and WWE blew it. His character during the Cena feud was great and the crowd reactions to him showed how over he was.

  • proud

    Thank you ‘fan’ for your rant, I agree with it all and it was such a quality read, but I think creative should also be blamed for so many workers with similar type gimmicks when it comes to trying to tell a story in the ring. You could throw nearly anyone in the ring with a storyline when you should take someone’s gimmick and work a story around that firstly and yeah R-Truth could have been so much bigger and I had him in mind with my last point.

  • stivoshi

    I think it’s just hypocrisy on the part of CM Punk to feel some type of way about The Rock coming in and Having a main event spot. Given the fact that he wants Austin back for a match. I mean isn’t it wierd that he wants what he wants but he couldn’t even be happy for Cena getting what he wanted (The Rock)?! Let me ask this, do you think anybody in that roaster wouldn’t want their favorite wrestler to come back for a match and work with them because they feel they are taking their spot? Bottom line is just jealousy and envy. Richard is right, if they were so good at what they do then nobody not even Austin or Rock would be needed for main event spots and sell out of PPV’s. Rock saved Wrestlemania 27.

    • GODSENT83

      Oh great point, that had completely slipped my mind. Touche

  • Mark smith

    The attitude era ended when we were told to get the F out may 2002.

    • Richard Gray

      No. That was for the name change.

      • MonsterMike42

        Actually, that to me is officially the end of the Attitude Era. It signaled the beginning of the Ruthless Aggression Era.

  • Jason

    people need to stop complaining and finding "excuses" of why Raw is 3 hours and "why it should go back to 2" blah blah fact is 3 hours is good for alot of reasons because way back you had some talent voicing their mind on not being used on national television and all that but when raw went 3 hours its an extra hour so more talent can get screen time

    • Fonzy

      But they havent used that extra hour for the talent. What do we get.. Oh yea random cut scenes from kane nd d-bry at an aa meeting.. I stayed up an extra hour for this? That could be put on wwe main event or that saturday morning show. Imo

    • sweeeeeet

      If people are having a problem with it being 3 hrs and some workers are having a problem with 2 hrs because they’re not on that much maybe RAW should be 2 1/2 hrs long. 8:30- 11:05 ET. I think that would please mostly everyone.

  • Nick

    I honestly don’t have a pr

  • Christ 4 Life

    Hmm, people tune out for the last hour which is 10-11 eastern time…. and school is in session……… and how many of the viewers are 10 and under? Also, maybe VKM should realize his "funny" segments aren't funny!

    I also think they should do a late wrestling show at night on the weekends that is edgier with more Attitude Era-like stuff…

  • John

    Why do so many people want to see Austin vs. Punk ?? In a few months time, SCSA will be 48 years old, and he looks every bit of that age! His time has gone.. It would be embarrassing to see him 'wrestle' again.

    WrestleMania 29 will be headlined by Rock/Cena II, Undertaker/CM Punk and Lesnar/Triple H.

  • PhilT81

    Ashamed to say that I’ve watched every single episode of RAW, Smackdown and Nitro in their entirety – not so much some of the lesser shows like Thunder or Velocity and I’ve missed the occassional episode of Impact. I also think I’ve seen every WWF/WWE PPV ever but definitely not every WCW PPV, but definitely the vast majority. So, it’s fair to say I remember the Monday Night Wars – I’m not so much a wrestling geek as a major TV geek. I’m also not a huge MMA fan but have seen every UFC fight, including all episodes of TUF (except Brazil). You might say I should get out more – but the only time I get out is when I’m stuck in hospital.

    • Chris H

      ….well done?

  • Kevin M

    Wrestling will never be what it once was. It’s that simple. Either deal with what ya got or move on. There is that sideshow act in Orlando if that’s what you like.

  • Sovikos

    If there were no “house shows” and wrestlers didn’t need to work 300 days a year, would they have enough to afford these “part-timers”? That’s where the problem full-time wrestlers have with part-timers. The full timers work to build the brand up, bring in the fans.

    The question is does bringing in someone like the Rock actually bring more buys and money in from a PPV to pay for that one appearance?
    If the Rock wasn’t at Wrestlemania 28 would it not have sold out? Maybe bringing Rock in for one of the “B” PPVs to boost buys and attendance, where it’s needed would be a better way to make money?

  • JasonGaza

    Cena and Punk is todays Rock and Stone Cold.

  • Robert olley

    I personally blame the Internet for the ratings etc of raw you can watch all wwe program’s or read the results without having to watch it on tv it’s what I do because I’m not going to pay stupid smounts for sky sports in the uk just to watch raw when I can read it on here. It’s nothing to do with the talent it’s just easier to read/watch free than pay.

  • partyjereme

    Once again like I said a week or two ago viewer fatigue has very little to do with the final hour being lower than the other two hours, check the Raw ratings before last Summer and you will see even when it was a two hour show the final hour usually had a lower amount of viewers than the first hour did. It's because the WWE targets kids and kids can't stay up late enough to watch the whole show live during the school year, I would of thought that somebody in the WWE would of realized this by now.

  • Bishop

    So this SCSA/Punk match…they’re both Heyman guys