Bullying In WWE, Why John Morrison Is Leaving, Cena Already Heel?, TNA Pushing WWE Names

WWE has this anti-bully campaign going on meaning that they're against bullying yet they feature things that are associated with bullying such as Jerry Lawler's irritating fat jokes towards Vickie Guerrero and Jim Ross being humiliated and insulted about his health problems. Does this make WWE hypocritical?

The WWE "Be A Star" anti-bullying campaign is one of the most hypocritical public initiatives that WWE has ever tried to accomplish. The company is run under the "high school jock" mentality, where bullying is frequent. Not only does ribbing amongst the workers take place but there are situations that are even accurately portrayed in storylines on television (such as the stuff WWE does with Jim Ross). WWE posted a controversial article on Thanksgiving looking at turkeys in the ring, essentially burying at least two former names in Kizarny and Big Vito. I can't answer why this is done but I am in complete agreement that it is hypocritical.

Why is John Morrison leaving WWE?

John Morrison's WWE contract expires tomorrow and he chose not to re-sign. I don't know how much this relates back to Melina but I have to believe she is a factor in his decision to walk. He wasn't a top priority in terms of WWE trying to re-sign him but I was told an offer was made. At this point it looks like Morrison could be headed to TNA Impact Wrestling with Melina.

Everybody is always thinking that WWE will turn John Cena heel. Isn't he technically a heel? He is always getting booed. It is sort of like CM Punk where he was a heel but always got cheered.

The issue goes deeper than if John Cena is being cheered or booed. Most fans, me included, want to see progression in the John Cena character. When WWE went away from the rap gimmick and made Cena the super human force that "overcame the odds," he gained a huge following as a fan favorite. However, I believe it's a case where WWE has rode it too long because of how much merchandise he moves and the argument has always been - no matter if fans boo or cheer Cena, they passionately care and he makes the company money. The reason a lot of people call Cena a modern day Hulk Hogan is the same thing happened with the Hogan character which eventually led to the biggest heel turn of all time. I speak for many when I say that I hope something happens in his match with The Rock at Wrestlemania XXVIII that will make the Cena character more interesting.

Why does TNA try and sign all names that leave WWE instead of building up their own names?

TNA pursues WWE talent because of name recognition and the fact that WWE wrestlers are the best in the world at what they do. If you are a top wrestler in the world in 2011, you are going to work for WWE. There are exceptions like Kurt Angle but the fact of the matter is WWE is the top wrestling company in the world and offers their performers the best chance to make a lot of money. People that can't make it in WWE or choose to leave due to certain circumstances, look for work in TNA because it gives them an opportunity to make money on a mainstream platform. I agree TNA should focus on home-growing talent; however, it's also important they keep some of the names that have been around to make people care. So far, TNA hasn't been able to make that work despite some of the biggest names in the business such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Sting. Vince McMahon's mentality is if these workers can't make TNA competitive than why should he worry about mid-card workers like John Morrison jumping ship?

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  • Dave

    I couldn't agree more with most of the stuff you said, Richard.

  • Tim

    Kurt Angle has fallen hard from his former grace. Just look into the man's eyes. He's a wreck.

    • __Franke__

      Yeah, when he looks down the camera it just entirely uncomfortable. He's got the cold dimensionless dead eyes of a proper junkie.

      It's quite sad really

      • spud

        Angle 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist!!


    I wouldn't say it's hypocritical. I mean they're heels and the quickest way to make a heel is have then bully others. And it shows look you don't like when our guys do it so don't do it either.

    • HazMatt

      WWE as a whole isn't a heel and Vince McMahon (not Mr. McMahon) isn't an on screen character and he's a bully to J.R. I think that's tue point that was being made…

  • H.M.

    Eh, kinda pissed that Melina might have had a hand in some capacity to screw Morrison out of breaking the glass ceiling and becoming a potential top performer.

    • Van

      Melina said it wasn't her fault but that they were "holding him back".say that to McIntyre since his career was doing great until his now ex-wife got in trouble got in trouble with the police after making a scene while at a motel and then WWE released her

  • Bryan

    The way they treat JR is totally unacceptable. The man has clearly dedicated his life to this company and constantly does whats best for the company, yet he is humiliated on a weekly basis on tv by Michael Cole. Cole is beyond a heel, he is just a moron who needs to be replaced. As much as I would hate to see JR leave, I wouldnt blame him one bit if he ever got to a breaking point and decided to walk.

  • Van

    I think TNA signs former WWE Superstars/Divas because they believe it'll help get more ratings especially if they sign the ones fans love the most such as Kurt Angle,Mickie James,Mr.Anderson,Tara and possibly John Morrison under a new name

  • Dave

    Yeah WWE anti- bullying initiative, imho, is just so Linda McMahon looks good for the upcoming elections. Anyhow,anything to change John Cena's character would be welcome. Also, please more FCW and ROH videos.

  • Kraven DeRossi

    I have never bothered to post about anything I read about on this site. But for the first time I have seen some very valid and true comments. I don't blame Morrison for walking he gave his all to them. And he was used as a jobber in the last year of his career in WWE. They did the same thing to Melina before she was fired. Now on to TNA I like the company and i watch them weekly. They have great talent already in place. But they should produce their own stars. It's ok to pick up your rivals talent but they over do it. What I don't like is they try to recreate WCW. That era is gone and will never return. That leads me to Cena and I agree he is modern day Hogan. I never have liked him as a wrestler or a rapper. He's put in the top spot because he puts butts in seats. He brings plenty of money in on merchandise. And kids love him and believe he's the greatest wrestler ever. Which is NOT true,but keep dreaming kids. P.S. Micheal Cole is a idiot

    • xjcms

      ummm morrisson is horriblee he doesn't know one wrestling move he jumps on walls and bullshit, cena is no hogan ever hogan sold out msg back when wrestling was a regional sport and hogan can't rap. and yes tna was trying reinvent wcw , but got new writers and i like lagano, it's all about talent and story and tna can't build a story

    • terrell

      I agree Michael cole is a idiot

  • Joey

    I'm not happy at all about whats going on with John Morrison! Not happy at all!!!!! I've always looked at John Morrison and saying that he was going to be a big star for WWE!!!! Sometimes he reminded me of HBK!!!! Even if there can never be another HBK!!!! As for John Cena I was a big fan of him!!!! Key word is WAS!!!! I'm also tired of the same old thing!!! Just like when the Patriots won the superbowl 4 times in a row!!!! I hate seeing something over and over and over!!!! I think the best thing for John Cena is to have a monster heel turn at WrestleMania!!!! What better time to do it vs. the Rock!!!!! Look at it like this!! The Rock is one of the biggest star in WWE if not the biggest! You want to talk about fans hating someone!!! Let him beat the Rock cause I know we all want the Rock to win!!! As for TNA….I've tried to watch it can't get into it! I wouldn't try to watch it even if the Rock or Austin went there!!!!!!

    • Mr Munch

      When did the Patriots ever win the Super Bowl four times in a row?

    • !!!!!!!!!

      Holy exclamation points batman!!!!

      I could only wish that NE won the the Superbowl four times in a row.

    • HATER

      JoMo has no character and just sounded awkward on the Mic.

    • Chris

      The Pats only won 2 in a row!!!! Why am I yelling!!!? I can't seem to stop!!!

  • Justin

    I think we (the internet fans and all of the john cena haters) are helping him. As a wrestler your goal is to get the crowed and buy booing him u still are supporting him. I would love to see a cena chat by the little kids and everyone else say nothing. If people want change the fans have to do it and the best way is to not boo or chant just do nothing just an theory.

  • Whammaster

    sometimes we get gold from king though when he is joking around about vickie. Who dosent remember Cole yelling 'SUEY! SUEY!" and king saying stop it, vickies coming over.

  • Kobe

    So there is no way he re-signs? Damn.

  • Smoothjj

    I have a few questions…where’s McIntyre? They did like a semi push with him then backed off I like when wwe pushes ppl from other countries and I think they have made some mistakes in this selection give McIntyre a push and depush wade barrett already; I want to see a quality match with McIntyre to see what he can do. WWE is like every other company they are ONLY about the money; rarely at all about the fans, a lot of the charities and the moves like anti bullying are purely to make them look better so more ppl will give them money wwe cares little to none about it’s fans and little to none about the product it puts out (anymore that is they used to).

  • B-Loaf-X

    It's like Mr. Anderson said…how can you have a show about guys wanting to beat each other to a pulp and women running around scantily clad and make it PG? That's like trying to make a G or PG rated horror movie with intent to scare the audience…it just is not going to happen. It's entertainment. It's what they do. It's not real. If Brad Pitt were to start doing anti-bullying stuff, but then he played a character in a movie where he was a bully, would he be a hypocrite? He's acting. If Jennifer Love Hewitt ran an anti-smoking campaign, but played a character who was a depressed alcoholic that her life in ruins and smoked as well, would she be a hypocrite? She's acting.

    I have no problem with Cena. It is Super Cena I have problems with.

    I just hope whatever Morrison does, he gets more airtime. That man is exciting to watch.

    I think the best thing WWE can do is lure over Karen Jarrett. That would be the best.

  • Mishal

    I really don't think Kurt's the same in TNA. Ever since his departure from the WWE his matches have been good to very good, but never his thost 'Match Of The Year" candidate matches he had in WWE (e.g. Wrestlemania 21 against HBK or his matches with Brock Lesnar).

  • Andy

    Theres one thing that is wrong with the last question response, "WWE wrestlers are the best in the world" no only CM PUNK is…that is all

  • Lawin the Birdman

    The question is: If John Hennigan would jump to Impact Wrestling, what would his "ring name" be?

  • Jason

    OK, so understanding this, John Morrison's contract is expired and void as of today. TNA, sorry, Impact Wrestling is filming today in Orlando. Any chance of him showing up today and having already been written into story lines?

  • George

    I watch both WWE and TNA and have always thought TNA was way better. Wrestlers go to other companies. They did that in ECW WCW and WWF. It's no different. The older guy leave because they can't stand to see the commercial crap that WWE is today. Its not a wrestling company vince had stated that outright. Also, look at the champs in TNA at the minute. Bobby Roode, Robby E, Matt Morgan, Crimson, Austin Airies, Gail Kim, Tara, Miss Tesmocre, all essentially TNA stars, i'll admit that the knockouts have gone downhill a bit but still, the actual wrestling and the stories are miles better. I'm not gonna blame PG vs PG14 cuz WWE was PG in the attitude era, but it is an entertainment company and TNA is wrestling. Same with ROH. As far as product goes WWE can't shine either's boots. They are trying to be just a company when they need to be wrestling. WWE ruins wrestlers with their matches E.G Ron Killings, Mystico, Christian.

    • jdinnis

      Matt Morgan, Gail Kim and Tara (Victoria) where all in WWE before going to TNA

  • Ellen

    If people want to talk about bullying, please don't forget to mention Michael Cole and his horrid mouth.

  • Brad Garrett

    WWE operates on a very childish and immature manner. This is all probably drug related. I am no longer a
    WWE fan. John Morrison is one of the greatest. He just does not have the ASS KISSING backgrund to
    let them keep driving him down. Good luck to him where ever he signs. That is the wrestling promotion
    I will watch.

  • Brad Garrett

    Michael Cole is a big joke at any point in entertainment. (Story line or no story line)
    He is one other reason I am no longer a WWE fan.

  • xjcms

    heel don't refer to boos or cheers it refers to a code of winning acting like a heel in the ring, austin is a heel but a fan favorite , i was a heel because i beat up on the babyface before he came back and won. or i cheated to win, i watched tna for some of the young talent, i then watched for kurt angle and for awhile only for kurt angle now i see a few i actually like, tna should've kept with the roh way of business but not every company has cornette working for them so not everyone can find the guys him and his people do.
    bullying is for kids ok once you get to be an adult then kids can fend for themself they're doing this for these kids 0-18 jr can quit, vicki can refuse to do the spot she don't have to agree to the jokes dumbasses

  • xjcms

    oh and i hope jomo reties because he sux and i like tna so stay gone and oh ya i like all 3 majore wrestling companies just wwe is something i watched since early 80's as a kid

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  • ali

    I swear micheal cole is annoying as hell and whenever somebody comes in to beat the crap out of him he cries and tries to find a way out

  • Tina

    Why is everyone getting obsessed with john Cena? I don’t care if he’s one who makes WWE that it is today, if it were up to me, i would get the other superstars that aren’t getting pushed because of John, should get many chances to make the storylines. It very boring to see John Cena every time. I get that he can make the promo but get more superstars in the story lines, your boring the crowd and fans. Just a thought.