Byron Saxton Removed, Former NXT Worker Hurles Accusations At Bill DeMott

- Byron Saxton has apparently been released from his WWE developmental contract as his profile has been removed from the official NXT website. Saxton is known by the WWE audience as he had runs on ECW and the original NXT as a commentator. In his most recent gig, he was a ring announcer on the December 6th episode of WWE NXT which is yet to air.

Update: Saxton has been moved to the Administration page on the official NXT Wrestling website.  He's listed as a Creative Assistant so it appears he remains with WWE.

- To follow-up on former WWE developmental worker Kevin Matthews unloading on trainer Bill DeMott, I had a chance to go through some of his Tweets and at the very least his rant is entertaining. Below is a sample:

  • Adamtrace

    Sounds like #notinterestedinworkingagain

  • Well, there’s always TNA….

  • kmn

    Sad, just sad

  • Fernando

    I think Byron Saxton has not been released but given a new role. If you go to the official NXT website and click on 'About us', you can see Saxton is listed as a Creative Assistant.

  • Ballzdeep34

    Lol tna may give him a ken Kennedy push now


  • Jeffrey Turner

    I’d say that it sounds as if Bill Demott isn’t finding this “Humorous” at all. I’d say neither party thinks of it as a “laughing matter”. I was always amazed at Demott’s ability and it doesn’t surpise me at all that trainees get hurt in the ring with him. His moves were high velocity power house hits. Those hurt.

  • Adamtrace

    I wouldn’t hire anyone who would talk shit about their former employer so publicly. If for some reason it didn’t work out when I hired them what would they say aboute and my company?

    • Blazeking

      Byron is being a whistleblower. He must have had at least some merit to be moved to an administrative role. Anybody has the right to call out a trainer who has started to slack and it ends up injuring more students than the norm. That hurts WWE's business in a way. Look at Bray Wyatt. He was ready to debut on NXT and then he's injured.

      • Henry

        I think you're getting the too different stories mixed up….