Cameron Doesn't Appear At WWE Show In Sydney

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Cameron did not accompany Brodus Clay to the ring at today's WWE Raw live event in Sydney, Australia as he was only with Naomi.

Cameron, who was popped for DUI earlier this week, traveled with the roster to Australia.

  • Logan_Walker

    Intresting thinking that today we will see her being released ?

  • I think its safe to say, she is done. If there is a phrase opposite of “the cream of the crop rises to the top”, then it would fit into this situation.

  • Dimitri

    She’s done!

    • Logan_Walker

      Rascolov? Is that you? I thought Niko Bellic took you out.

  • CJ

    She probably calling her mama!!!! “mama I have been wished in all my future endeavours”!!!!! Lol

    • Logan_Walker

      Hey Carl Johnson, how’s San Andreas these days?

      • Your Cousin Roman

        You’re Grand Theft Auto references are bad, and you should feel bad.

        • Logan_Walker

          Roman Bellic?

          • No, you idiot, Brucie.

            While we’re at it, your “Boyscout” comments whenever there’s a bit of news that Logan Walker sends in are just as pointless. No one finds them funny, but you.

          • Logan_Walker

            You mad?

          • Little Jacob

            Nope, just fail to see why you find your comments so amusing when they're just stupid.

  • Randy