Cameron Sent Home From Australia

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Cameron had already left for the WWE Raw tour of Australia before news of her DUI arrest surfaced online.

She appeared with Naomi and Brodus Clay at the 8/30 show in Brisbane but was sent home once the further details surrounding her arrest were released. Not only was she popped for DUI but there are also allegations of attempted bribery.

  • havoc525

    As has been proven, over and over, you can EASILY survive a DUI. The bribery part, that’s what will bite her in the ample ass.

    • Ken

      With Linda active in American politics you'd think Vince would understand bribery. One way or another that's what the whole system is based on, isn't it?

      • _JIM_

        That’s exactly why they are so hard on workers who commit crimes right now. Any bad press is automatically tied to Linda and her run for office by her opponent. These employees should see the writing on the wall by now and fly straight. Makes no sense to me to throw away your job over a night out. DUMB…

  • I guess this means the IWC will never get their triple threat dream match: Alicia Fox vs Melina vs Cameron

  • Maxx Stylez

    (In best Johnny Ace voice) Cameron, I sincerely wish you the best in all of your future endeavors!

  • Patrick Peralta

    NA NA NA HEY HEY GOODBYE wish you luck in your future endevors.

  • Evon Reese

    She threw away a great career

  • Jashaun

    If she gets fired over DUI and bribery thats a little crazy. Compared to guys taking roids. And other stuff. They get three chances. I think she should get suspended

    • Umm…..driving drunk is WAY worse than taking performance enhancers to get in top physical shape.

  • Bill Ostrander, Jr.

    It's funny the WWE just didn't replace her with some local dancer for each venue they were wrestling in or have tryouts by local fans to be a Funkateer for a day type of contest. You'd think that would have brought in good publicity and fan interest. (shrug).

  • Bill Ostrander, Jr.

    It's kind of funny the WWE didn't just do a local tryout replacement dancer in her spot at each venue they wrestled in because it would have drawn fan interest and good publicity for a local fan to be a Funkateer for a Day.

  • Thisguy

    It’s still amazes me that she’s even signed to WWE. She was the FIRST person eliminated from Tough Enough.

  • corey

    cameron’s fate will probably be similar to what cost tiffany her job except tiffany got suspended after she was arrested for domestic violence due to having an argument. she was going to return to tv once her suspension expired, but unfortunately she was released a couple months later. if cameron wants her job back she needs to stop lying and making excuses, quit the bs and clean up her act or otherwise she’ll get the big boot. this is getting out of control these days with wrestlers being in and out of trouble with the law.