Can Ezekiel Jackson Return To Relevance?, Chris Jericho’s Raw Promo, Paying Dues In WWE, MITB Participants

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Do you think Ezekiel Jackson will ever be able to work his way out of the WWE doghouse and get back into a storyline or TV or do you think he will just continue to lose until he is released?

Ezekiel Jackson has a tremendous look but had heat for a Wellness Policy violation that he cleared with a valid prescription. He resurfaced earlier in the week on WWE Inbox but it's anyone's guess if he'll be able to angle his way back in favorable light. I heard shortly after his positive Wellness test he was on the road with the company but wasn't used.

Was Chris Jericho's "what are you going to do, suspend me?" line to Vickie Guerrero on this week's Raw Supershow a dig to the people in the back?

The line was a creative line by Chris Jericho that was obviously making reference to his recent 30-day suspension for desecrating the Brazilian flag at a live event last month. I don't know how much of a "dig" it was considering Jericho didn't have heat for the suspension as it was seen as something that was done to "save face" more than anything else.

Is there still a backstage rule of "paying your dues" between all talent?

Many of the veterans will argue the business isn't what it once was and that younger workers come in today with a sense of entitlement where they are "above" paying their dues. We can point to many different factors as to why this is but it's still in a younger worker's best interest to come in humble, ready to "pay their dues." The pro wrestling business is unlike any other in that the outcomes are predetermined but how you are booked and pushed can determine whether you make very little or millions of dollars. Backstage politics can cost a very talented worker their chance at stardom so if someone is going to come in with an attitude, they better know who not to rub the wrong way.

With the WWE Championship match at Money in the Bank having only four participants and featuring two guys in Kane and Big Show that you wouldn't normally associate with this type of match, do you think this is a good opportunity for WWE to bring back Rey Mysterio from suspension and The Miz from filming to put workers in the match capable of hitting more high risk spots as right now the match on paper at least appears pretty lackluster.

I was told by a WWE source after the four participants were announced for the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match they would be surprised if someone else wasn't added, however, WWE's wording in their official preview seemed to indicate the plan was for the match to be limited to Cena, Kane, Big Show and Chris Jericho. As I stated earlier in the week, we'll see how it plays out.

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  • Christ 4 Life

    I hope Big Zeke can get a push… with a guy that big, they need to find a storyline for him. Losing to Hunico and Jinder Mahal week after week is ridiculous!

  • OneShotDeal

    The whole promo with Jericho, Cena and Vickie seemed to have quite a lot in there ofr the "smart" fan, not just the suspension line. Cena half-joked about the target audience being 9 year old kids (I understand that was actually cut on some of the reruns,) and my personal laugh out loud moment of Vickie saying "Well, it's been two years, so let's say For The First Time Ever" when booking Cena/Jericho for later that night. Every IWC writer says Vince really hates the internet fans, but that segment seemed very much to be pandering to us!

  • Jaryd

    I think the Cena/Jericho promo seemed like a bit of a return to the cocky rockstar-type heel that Jericho used to play rather than the scheming evil genius that he's been in recent years.

    • Steve C

      I only hope this is true! I also saw a hint of y2j in his words and body language!

  • Jaryd

    Although the wording seemed pretty final in terms of the participants, it did also say it would be made up of former WWE champions of which there are a few still about. If a couple more guys were added it would also lessen any strain on Cena with his ailments and reduce the need for him to be involved in the OMG ladder/table/etc spot.

  • I heard Ryback will be in a MITB match with 5 jobbers, in which he will squash in 2 minutes. And instead of a briefcase, there will be a huge steak hanging above the ladder.

    • The Breaker

      And yet he'll still be yelling "FEED ME MORE!!!" with a giant steak in his mouth.

    • Ace

      Really??? (Miz voice)

      • Cbob

        Zeke was the last ever ECW Champion – they obviously planned for him been a big thing. What happened!!??!

        Personally, I like him.

  • Jere

    Wwe should give Ezekiel push. at make him a mid carder.

    • Anand

      Give him a feud with Ryback or Antonio Cesario or Sandow. It will be useful to both parties involved in the feud

  • BigD

    Bring back Batista for money in the bank

    • Terra Ryzing

      Why? I still don’t get why people are asking for Batista back. He was awful.

  • Kyle

    Make Zeek feud with Ryback

  • Code

    Im Pretty Sure They Had Kane Win A MITB Ladder Match

    • chelu671

      Yes, Kane won the 2010 Smackdown MITB match at the tital event. Later that night, he cashed it on Rey Mysterio to win the World Title.

  • Jamie

    Turn Zeek heel, put him in MITB.. not for him to win, just for him to cause chaos..

  • Blake

    They made zeke look good then they made him a joke

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