Can Orton Be Trusted?, MVP Rumors, Royal Rumble Winner, Divas Tag Titles

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Can Randy Orton really be trusted to headline Wrestlemania? If not, does this mean John Cena goes over for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble?

Randy Orton has fully regained his spot as the "1b" behind John Cena and in the process has also regained the trust of Vince McMahon and Triple H. Orton was humbled for a year after another Wellness violation but the past is the past. With that being said, I'm picking John Cena over Orton at Royal Rumble but that's my own prediction and not based on anything I've heard.

What's the latest on MVP? Is he TNA bound?

MVP Tweeted on Monday he's still very much a free agent amid rumors that he's going to TNA Wrestling. While we didn't report he was headed to TNA, the rumors are not baseless. TNA has been pursuing MVP and I was told earlier this month they were getting close to a deal. However, according to the man himself, he's still a free agent as of Monday.

Personally I would love to see Roman Reigns win the 30-man Royal Rumble match but is it safe to say that Batista goes over unless he somehow gets screwed?

I've considered Batista to be the favorite to win the 30-man Royal Rumble match from the second he was announced as an entrant. This isn't based on anything I've heard but common sense given the fact WWE is pushing him as a main event talent after a four-year absence. Many are hoping Daniel Bryan is healthy enough to enter the match and win it, however, the plan prior to his concussion was to put him in a singles match against Bray Wyatt.

I read the Bella Twins stated in the February 2014 issue of WWE Magazine they wanted Divas Tag Team Championship. I thought at this point they would benefit more than a singles championship. What are your thoughts?

WWE actually tinkered with introducing Divas Tag Team titles before they introduced the Divas Championship in July 2008. Those of you that are long-time WNW Premium Members probably remember reading my exclusive report. As for my thoughts on more titles, I'm against adding any title and would actually prefer the unification of the Intercontinental and United States titles. There are too many titles useless belts why add more? I was against unifying the WWE and World Heavyweight titles because two world titles created more opportunities at the top.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2011: When a worker is suspended under the WWE Wellness Policy, are they paid during their suspension? - When a worker is suspended under the WWE Wellness Policy their downside guarantee is suspended as well. This is how an injured worker can serve a suspension despite the fact they are already off shows.

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  • Frenchfry

    “WWE actually tinkered with introducing Divas Tag Team titles before they introduced the Divas Championship in July 2008. Those of you that are long-time WNW Premium Members probably remember reading my exclusive report”

    Lold when I read that

    • dean

      I wish wwe would SPLIT UP the world titles again because just like Richard said, wwe cut their main event scene in half. with 2 world titles, you can have batista, sheamus. orton, punk, cena, bryan, lesnar, etc in the main event scene.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Considering one of the world titles was basically used as a mid-card title, I don’t see how it cut the “main event scene in half”

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        Lesnar is part time, I don’t know if Batista is part time or full time, Sheamus isn’t even back yet, they aren’t even putting D.Bryan in the title picture for some reason. They need to push people like Barret and Ziggler, I think one title is enough for the time being.

      • Tim

        They should make a second world title. Called the part timer world championship.

  • Bob’s Diner

    More people wanting Roman Reigns to win the Rumble???
    Seriously, people – you want an unproven rookie who has mainly been featured in tag-matches for over a year, to headline the biggest PPV of the year???
    Don’t get me wrong, I love The Shield and see strong futures for all three men… but the insanity of that scenario is mind-boggling.

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      People just get carried away. Reigns can do what Kane did a decade ago – have an amazing showing and continue with the problems within shield storyline. It is just too soon for him to be winning the rumble. I want either Punk or Batista to win the rumble.

      My first preference would’ve been Bryan but since he is going one on one with Wyatt Punk winning from no.1 would be awesome

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        I originally wanted Punk to win, then I wanted Bryan to win.. now Bryan can’t and Punk’s chances are slim, Punk now has too many enemies, The Shield, NAO, Kane.. That’s 6 people that could eliminate, suppose you could even add Hunter to that list.

        • Ben

          Who says Bryan can’t? They’ve had guys in other matches on the card still enter the Rumble, Ziggler in 2012 being one example. It wouldn’t be surprising if Bryan loses due to interference and ends up eliminating the entire Wyatt Family during the Rumble match itself. I highly doubt Punk wins, if anything this seems like the perfect time to setup the rumored Triple H/Punk WM match. This doesn’t seem like a predictable RR, since even Batista doesn’t feel like a complete lock.

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            Ziggler didn’t just come back from having a concussion in 2012.. D.Bryan will probably be taking it very lightly at the rumble, but I do agree the RR isn’t predictable this year, even though according to some it’s obvious that batista is going to win.

          • Ben

            True, but I can’t imagine they’d use him at the event at all if there was any serious risk. They’re pretty cautious with concussions now. It makes sense to keep him out of the ring until the PPV just to be extra safe, but if he can work an undercard match it doesn’t seem like a stretch to think he could be one of the last entrants and be fine.

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            D.Bryan is one of the, if not the biggest draw at this point in time, they’re probably just using him to draw. It’s probably one of those moments where “if he feels up to it” and yeah they should be cautious about it, can be very serious, but like I say, I think they will be taking it very lightly, if it is as bad as some people are making it out to be, it could be a way of writing him off TV for a couple of weeks.

            Edit: But I doubt that, I doubt you’ll see anything risky.

        • Bob’s Diner

          I do wonder if HHH is going to be a surprise entrant himself…

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            Na I don’t think he will, he’ll be pulling the strings somewhere, I’m hoping he tries to screw over Punk and sticks the New Age Outlaws in there aswell,

            I think Hunter only has Wrestlemania in mind. I don’t see him concerning himself with the Rumble, now The Shield and the New Age Outlaws do.. Punk. I’d like to see Kane as an entrant too.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Good point – it will make CM Punk want to go after him and HHH will be left with no choice but to deal with him personally. I’d rather see Punk wrestling someone else, but at least this match hasn’t been done to death already and should be solid

            I still have no pick for a Rumble winner, though. I was going with Bryan after he turned on Wyatt, but the concussion gives me doubts

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            I was going with Punk or Bryan, but the chance are slim to nothing to say the least, the only others I can think of that could do with a push are Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus, guess you can stick Christian in there, but at the stage of his career he is in i’d rather go with one of the others.

    • Jacob

      Aren’t you one of the ones always complaining about the same ppl at the top? Aren’t you one of the main ones who says the WWE is to predictable? I think a swerve with someone lie Reigns or Langston is exactly what this company needs right now. Im tired of seeing Cena, Orton, Punk, HHH, and now Batista shoved down our throats. Id rather see Reigns win it over Batista everyday of the week

      • Bob’s Diner

        Yes I would like to see changes. But you are all clamouring for a guy to win the Royal Rumble when he hasn’t even had a singles match on a PPV yet. And you want his first one to be the main event at the biggest show of the year?

        Talk about pressure

        Who’s to say he even deserves such an honour at this point in his career? There are plenty of wrestlers on the roster right now that deserve it more than him.

        Give him a chance to actually have a singles career before getting so carried away.

        • Jacob

          It’s about doing some totally different and right now the WWE needs to start taking risking risk.

          • Bob’s Diner

            I repeat – he hasn’t worked a singles match on a PPV yet. In fact, other than his recent ones against CM Punk, has he worked any on TV since being called up to the WWE roster? He has no experience outside of WWE and NXT, which is why they have grouped him with two of the most experienced guys from NXT – it helps hide his inexperience.

            He’s doing well, but right now with his lack of experience, put him in a main event at the biggest show of the year against Randy Orton and it would tank. Put him in with Batista and it would tank. That is the sort of setback rising talent don’t need and could take a long time to recover from. Why risk damaging his future when another year or two of actual singles competition could make him a star and someone they can use as a top guy once the current top guys are gone?

            Have him work a singles match on a B level PPV first. Let the crowds get to know him first. Give him something to do other than be part of a trio that sticks together first. But main eventing WrestleMania without any of that? That’s not a risk – that’s a recipe for disaster. Have some forward thinking here

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            So let me get this straight you would rather have someone unproven in singles
            competition go for the ONLY major title, break up one of the best factions in recent years, let all the others that have been waiting for years miss a big chance, and you think it’s good because “totally different”

            and you say I’ve lost credibility as a wrestling fan? least I was giving a credible example.

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        There is a difference between wanting more people at the top other than the same handful and splitting up the Shield just over a year when there are others waiting for another push.. Wade Barrett for example.

        • Jacob

          LMFAO, Wade Barrett is garbage dude. You just lost all credibility as a wrestling fan if you really think Barrett should get a push at the top

          • Bob’s Diner

            Says the guy that wants Roman Reigns to win the Royal Rumble and become champion…

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            coming from a person that wants to push Roman Reigns and Big E Langston even though there are plenty of other superstars that have proven themselves over the years …

            and yeah I wouldn’t mind seeing Wade Barrett get a chance? Wade Barrett has the talent to do it.. it’s just getting wasted on gimmicks like “Bad News Barrett”

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      – I think The Shield will have the ring to themselves at some point like The Nexus did. (in 2011 when Booker returned, I forget)
      – I don’t even have a clue who could win, CM Punk is going to get pretty far and get screwed by someone setting up a match for Wrestlemania, still wouldn’t mind him winning.
      – I see Roman Reigns doing well eliminating a lot of people,
      – I can’t imagine Batista winning it, I think he’ll probably turn heel, maybe eliminate Punk? Especially if John Cena wins his match.
      – There are a few people that could make a return during the rumble and taking it.. Christian, Sheamus.. hell even the “improved” Sin Cara could take it, or Wade Barret who is long over due.

      Edit: *cough* Ziggler.

  • monty

    this is so predictable, batsita is winning and everyone knows it

    either punk or bryan deserves to win because they have worked much harder than batista throughout the year to earn it. But wwe has gone in the wrong direction over the past few years. It use to be work hard all year than get rewarded in the end, but now its work hard for 11 months than part timers will main even WM’s and make the big bucks

    Punk should retire in 2 years than take 2 years off and come back on a bigger contract with less working dates and big payout at WM

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      I don’t see how Batista is going to win it, Hunter said he’s already in line for a title shot, also it looks like they’re setting up Del Rio and Batista, so please explain the logic behind setting up Del Rio and Batista if he’s going to win the Rumble?

      • Mysterion

        Because there’s still one PPV before Mania?

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          Na it looks like they’re setting up a Wrestlemania match.

  • GOR

    What if sm1 returning like Sheamus or RVD wins rumble ?

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      I’d like to see RVD at least take part in the Rumble, but I don’t see him winning.

    • Mysterion

      What the hells sm1?

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        I assumed “someone”

      • Bob’s Diner

        I thought it was some sort of code for a robot or something

  • disqus_HZkhbeFufx

    Hi Richard.

    I am trying to use the dirt sheet app but when I do it keeps pushing me into the App Store to download some dodgy games. I also find when I read the site on the mobile web on iphone I keep getting kicked out into a new advertising window. Can this be stopped as it’s wasting my data allowance on my phone and is taking away from m enjoyment of your site.

  • Tim

    Please no I really don’t want to see Batista or Sheamus win. I’m so tired of the comeback royal rumble win. I’d love to see punk win. But I’d also love to see Kane eliminate punk towards the end. To enrage punk and make him that awesome character he was a few years ago.