Careful With HBK Comparisons, NXT TV Home, Return Updates, Orton A Main Eventer

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I can't help but notice similarities between Dolph Ziggler and Shawn Michaels. I understand that this is a lot to put on Dolph but I feel he has just as much potential as Michaels did back in the 90's. What do you think about this?

I am high up on Dolph Ziggler and feel he has all the tools to be a major star in this business. I'll remind everyone the three things I evaluate talent on and that is look, in-ring and mic work. I give Ziggler high marks on all three, however, I want to push back on the comparisons to Shawn Michaels for now. We all want to find "the next Shawn Michaels" and get behind one of these younger guys to be the "next legend" but it's premature. Let me give you a good example why it's not a good idea to make this comparison. Remember John Morrison? Prior to the rise of Ziggler, people were saying he was the "next Shawn Michaels." Morrison has now been out of WWE for two years and is nowhere near the legacy of HBK. We have to be careful when comparing current talent to past legends.

When the WWE Network launches is it possible that NXT will air on it or will they continue with Hulu Plus?

There is a good chance NXT will be included on the WWE Network when/if? it launches. One of the things the WWE Network will provide is a guaranteed home for any of WWE's programming. NXT is a great program to help familiarize the WWE audience with talent before they make it to the main roster so WWE wants as many eyes on it as possible. This was actually the idea behind the original NXT series that overtook the ECW series on SyFy.

Do you have return updates on Big Show, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne?

Big Show is slated to return to WWE at the middle of this month as he's been out with a torn labrum. The storyline explanation is he has an "iron clad contract," that allows him to work when he wants. Kofi Kingston is on the booking sheets for WWE's tour of Australia later this month. He underwent surgery on his left elbow in May. The storyline explanation for Kofi's absence is an "attack" from Ryback. Finally, there is no return date set for Evan Bourne but I'm told "no one" is excited as Evan to get back to WWE.

Do you think Randy Orton will ever get back to the main event level?

WWE is already teasing the idea of Randy Orton back in the main event after a year of regressing him to the upper mid card due to a Wellness violation in May 2012. Randy has made plenty of mistakes but he's only 33 and has a lot of time left in the prime of his career.

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  • Craig

    Richard, I know I’ve asked this question a lot now but still no answer 🙁 hopefully ill get some response now with you guys stating that in brocks new contract there is a wwe title reign is it possible punk wins mitb leading to him cashing in on the same night like I’ve said Cena will main event most likely or have him cash in at NOC if that’s The next ppv setting up punk c Brock at Summerslam for wwe title thus giving Brock the belt to start he’s reign

    • GuyLandau

      That’s not a question, but a prediction under the guise of a question. I’ll answer it myself if you don’t mind –
      possibly. Never say never with WWE. However, there is no way to know ahead of time as even when we do hear something about booking, nothing is set in stone until it actually happens..

      That’s as good of an answer as you’re ever going to get for such a question.

      • Thanks Guy.

        • Craig

          Love ya work Richard I’m from Australia and absoluly love WNW especially askwnw I wait up every night just to read it right now it’s 12:58am

      • Craig

        Thank you I get what you mean I know it’s a prediction I just thought u guys might have had a better idea of what might happen but thanks much apprieciated

  • Xavier

    Ziggler/HBK comparisons are nod & void at this point. Ziggler isn’t even close and people who suggest that it is haven’t really watched much wrestling or are easily prisonars of the moment. Ziggler doesn’t do anything near as good as HBK(charsima, mic work, in ring work) did at this point to draw those comparisons

    • Matt

      Um you dont remember well either. HBK had Sensational Sherri to get him over as a heel, and even later used Diesel. In the same amount of time in the business i would say the there is fair comparison. You are a prisoner of the past is always better than whats going on now.

      • Xavier

        I remember perfectly. It’s not close bro. Look at HBK at 33 (which is the same age that Ziggler is now). Ziggler hasn’t accomplished a 5th of what HBK as in the same amount of time nor has he had the milestone matches/moments that HBK has had. By 33 Shawn already had milestone matches in the industry like his match with Razor had WM10, Hell In A Cell match with Taker, Iron Man match with Hart at WM12, His match with Austin at WM14 etc etc. On top of top that he was part of a group that really helped usher in the attitude era. Diesel didn’t get HBK over as a heel, HBK got Diesel over as a heel. Shawn even held the title 3x by the time he was 33 in an era when it was much harder to win the title because there was only one and even on top of that HBK did that in an era when guys his size rarely held the title. What epic matches, feuds, milestone moments has Zigger had at 33 that come close to anything Shawn did by the time he was 33? Answer: NOTHING! Like I said before, it’s not even close bro. Ziggler is already behind the curve, at 33 he isn’t exactly young so at this point I find it really comical for people to say that Ziggler will ever catch HBK. Shawn was better then everything (mic work, wrestling, charisma,) across the board then Ziggler was at the exact age,

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    To compare Dolph Ziggler to John Morrison is like comparing wine to beer. Even though both are alcoholic beverages, one is just more refined and sofisticated than the other. Ziggler (being the wine) has had by far more success than Morrsion because he’s a two time World champion! How many world titles has Morrison held? None! Morrison is flashy and has some unique moves and can make a match memorable but he’s no Dolph Ziggler as far as in ring work, charisma and personality! Plus, Dolph loves this and I can’t say the same for Morrison because he didn’t stick around when things got tough for him, unlike Ziggler who had to endure being a caddy and a male cheerleader.

    • GuyLandau

      I agree that Ziggler is by far the better worker of the two. Morrison is great from a spot perspective, but as for constructing a match or working with an injured organ, he’s not nearly up to par. We have yet to see Ziggler work long as a face so it’s a bit early to determine, but I have seen him use sound psychology in the past in places where Morrison failed.

      • Hercules Rockerfeller

        So you agree with me? Lol your comment was confusing. Ziggler is a Babyface right now because finally Vince listened to the fans for once! Ziggler was getting cheered every night regardless of who he faced. Ppl just like the Ziggler character and I think sky is the limit for him now. I mentioned he’s a two time world champion but yes he’s no where near Shawn Michaels yet but he’s definitely on his way there! In order for Ziggler to really establish himself as a top main eventer would be for him to 1. Win the wwe title because that is THEE title in the wwe regardless of the long history of the world title because I feel like the world title has become like the IC title back in the 80’s which went to the workhorse of the company while the wwe title went to the most popular guy. 2. He needs to win a Royal
        rumble and headline a Wrestlemania. And 3. He has to be featured on almost everything that has to do with wwe.

    • Xavier

      To compare Ziggler to HBK at this point is like comparing Rosie O’Donald to Eva Mendez.

  • jdl

    There is no “next” HBK. HBK is one of the all around greatest performers the wrestling industry has ever and will ever see. To claim certain people are the “next” Shawn Michaels is a disservice to both men as one will never live up to such lofty expectations, and the other should not be used to unintentionally belittle someone.

    • steve pritchard

      Exactly ! I think it’s disrespect to both men . Ziggler is trying to make his own way. Hbk is already one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time. It’s like comparing Lebron to Mj .

  • Alexi

    People, when it comes to athletic events, need to stop comparing as it doesn’t allow the athlete being compared to chart his/her own way (not to mention it’s lazy). While Shawn was very good in the ring/charisma wise I always saw him as a tad overrated because if you look at the numbers he wasn’t exactly a big time draw by any stretch. As it relates to Dolph I agree his future is very bright (assuming “creative” doesn’t shaft him)

  • Stoney

    John Morrison had in ring work, a good look, bad on the mic and had as much charisma as a paper plate. Ziggler has everything

  • Smart Mark

    Shawn Michaels is the best superstar never to be the face of the company. He was the best ENTERTAINER there has ever been in WWF/WWE (feel free to reply who you think is the best, i’m up for a good debate). Sure there might have been better WRESTLERS that were more technical and what not but HBK put on the best matches because he knew how to control a crowd. Ziggler is by favorite superstar in WWE thats why i’m saying that we should top comparing him with HBK and let him maintain his own legacy, where 20 years from now we can look back and say there was no one like Dolph Ziggler the same way we do with all the current legends.