Carlito Recalls Drunken Fight Between Himself & John Cena

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Mr. Saint Laurent sent in the following:

Carlito Colon appeared this week on MLW's Konnan Show presented by Masked Republic's Carlito talked for the first time about an after hours fight that took place with John Cena.

"I actually had a fight with [John] Cena. I forget where it was, but we got into a fight. A drunken fist fight. He told me I wasn't applying myself. He said I should be at a higher level. I didn't punch him because I'm not going to punch the face of the company. It was more like a drunken fight. I don't think we were out to hurt each other. I was just defending myself, but Cena, he's strong as hell."

"He jumped at me first. They ended up separating us about three times. I felt like he and I had always been close. I think he just wanted to see me do better. Cena is one of those guys that's a top guy, but he wants to see other guys. He doesn't try to hold guys down, he wants to see them come up."

Carlito also spoke about being told that he needed to "be more like Eddie Guerrero" after Eddie's untimely passing, none of the boys backstage liking CM Punk, his thoughts on which Divas have the best asses and more! MLW's Konnan Show is available on and iTunes (search: KONNAN SHOW) and syndicated by

  • H.M.

    Very interesting.

  • AJG316

    Carlito is very underrated, I hope he returns soon. Tna or wwe I don't care

    • Anand

      As long as he can keep himself sober and perform at the highest level, everyone would like to see this guy. In fact this guy has pin-fall victories over Cena which not many people can boast of. He showed up once unfit to perform and WWE showed him the door. It would be mighty hard to convince folks that it wont happen again.

      for his sake I hope he comes back. I did like that funky hairdo carlito guy who ate a full apple in one go 🙂

    • Thebigbowboskie

      Me too

  • LeBron James

    More of a reason to like John Cena. I hated his guts before, but slowly the man earned my respect. Now it angers me when I see people hate on him for no good reason. His in ring work is decent now, he has improved a whole lot, his mic skill is the probably the greatest ever, and he is overall a great human being. What else can I say. Wish Cena all the success in the world.

  • Richard

    We hate on cena because his ring work is still poor. Plus he has tarnished so many wrestlers in the past year. Kane, the miz, Barrett, mark Henry, del rio, lesnar. then there’s him going into business for himself at extreme rules. I respect his work out of the ring but not in it.

    • fan

      His in ring work has improved from his days as the Dr. of Thugonomics. "Tarnished"??? What are you trying to say? He is given a program to work with Kane, Miz, etc. and all he does is execute that program. He's not the one saying I want to bury these guys. As far as Extreme Rules, do you not read this site thoroughly? That whole thing with Brock throwing a fit/Cena getting on the mic, was a work!

  • I might not like Cena's booking which to be fair to him is pretty much out of his control. There is no denying that he has worked hard and earned the respect of his peers. Something that does cause jealousy amongst some. For me he is WWE through and through and delivers for the fans who do love him.

    This for me just reaffirms that his face persona is an extension of what a nice guy he is in real life.

  • Evon Reese

    I don't see how Cena has tarnished anyone's record. In fact he's the push behind Zach Ryder and C M Punk and many others. Just because you do not like his wrestling style does not mean everyone feels that way. If you want to gripe over styles there is way too much sloppiness in WWE to try and hate on Cena

  • Evon Reese

    Wasn't Sheaumus just hurt due to sloppiness?

  • _JIM_

    Maybe that’s why Carlito is in the position he’s in. While Cena is the top guy in the entire business. When somebody who is in the plsition Cena is in takes the time to try and give you some advise maybe you should take it instead of getting offended and starting a fight with the guy for what he said. Apparently Cena thought Carlito wasn’t applying himself. Which seemed to have been the majority opinion most people had of him. All the talent in the world, but not willing to put forth the extra effort required to take himself to the next level. Like he was content being at the bottom and middle of the card or something. I think Cena was right about him. He had chance after chance to distinguish himself during one of the pushes he had, but he just never seemed like it mattered that much to him. At least that’s what I got from watching him and hearing him interviewed.