Carlito & Shelton Benjamin In The Royal Rumble?, WWE Vintage Collection Recap

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- Carilito and Shelton Benjamin are rumored to make surprise appearances in Sunday's 30-man Royal Rumble match. It's something Shelton has denied on Twitter, so take it for it's worth. Shelton Tweeted the following:

Join us at 8 PM EST on Sunday night for exclusive live play-by-play coverage.

- This week's WWE Vintage Collection highlighted matches from past Royal Rumble pay-per-views. Devin Cutting transcribed the following:

  • X-Pac vs. Gangrel (1999)
  • Edge & Christian vs. The Dudleys (2001)
  • The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock (1998)
  • Shawn Michaels vs. Sycho Sid (1997)
  • Chris

    Carlito, Benjamin, Morrison, would all be great.

  • Michael

    I not only hope that Benjamin is in the Rumble, but that he’s back fulltime Morrison as well. I always thought that Benjamin being released was a mistake the guy is a talented wrestler that deserved a world title push. Of Carlito is back they should form a stable with him, his brother, and cousin.

    • Tom

      they wouldn’t give Shelton a World Title push in ROH, why would Vince give him one?

      • Michael

        He wasn’t a singles wrestler in ROH, and what one company does has nothing to do with the other. Both Jarrett and Steiner were world champions in wcw but not wwe. Hell Henry and Kane were both heavyweight champions but ROH wouldn’t make them world champions.

  • Dangerous Lee

    3…2…1…Ain’t no stoppin me no!