Cassandra Frazier, Widow Of Big Daddy V, Rips WWE – Says She Never Spoke To TMZ & Warns Vince McMahon

Cassandra Frazier, the wife of Nelson Frazier Jr., a/k/a Big Daddy V, made a scathing post on her Facebook regarding reports over her husband’s death and WWE’s reaction to it.

The post, in CAPS LOCK, wrote that Nelson didn’t “deserve” what was being said about “him on Google.” She wrote that WWE doesn’t “care about the wrestlers.”

She also outright denied TMZ’s story, saying she never spoke to the publication as they claimed. Cassandra also stated that Bobby Horne, her husband’s former tag team partner, was a good man and was helping her.

Frazier ended by warning Vince McMahon, writing that she was going to “start telling everything” she knew.

You can read the post in its entirety at this link or embedded below:

WWE issued a statement over the death of Nelson Frazier but did not pay tribute to him prior to Monday Night Raw. However, a tribute aired prior to this week’s Smackdown taping that will be seen as part of the broadcast.

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  • drock

    I love how some people don’t know how to internet.

  • Ricky


  • AB

    I get that she’s grieving and all but…wow. That’s just sad.

  • Bob’s Diner

    She’s wrong about one thing – it doesn’t matter what the fans ever learn about WWE, they will continue to watch. There is plenty of horrible stuff to learn about Vince McMahon. I’ve detailed it before when he received some honorary degree and I chose to inform the school the kind of person they were hailing as a humanitarian. None of that will ever change the fact that people want to watch the show

    • dean

      listen, vince McMahon has done a lot of good things in this world. he is BEHIND all of wwe’s charitable efforts for make a wish, the special Olympics , cancer efforts, literacy programs etc.
      the only “people” who say horrible things about McMahon do it out of pure JEALOUSY.
      the internet fans have the brains of peas and obsess over stupid drug addicts like all those guys who died in the 1980′s etc. they died because they were losers who could not handle their stupid “demons”.
      McMahon even gives all former wwe talent FREE REHAB because he became sick and tired when dirt sheet writers, clueless fans, and the vindictive media would blame him just because grown men and women lacked the mental capacity and inner strength to lead productive lives without McMahon holding their hands like they were children who needed an adult to walk them across the street.
      MCMAHON fired nelson frazier in 2008 because he was not healthy enough to compete in wwe as a result of his weight. his widow is just mad that her elephant husband was no longer getting a wwe paycheck on a regular basis.

      • Bob’s Diner

        You need to get a grip. He is not a saint. He would admit that.
        Besides, tell me how many of those amazing charities he got involved with before WWE became a publicly traded company? Or Linda McMahon got involved in politics?

        Like I said, I could go on and on about the bad things he has done. We all know them and that doesn’t stop us watching wrestling because we support the athletes, not necessarily Vince McMahon. It’s just sad there are super fanboy marks like you that worship the ground he walks on.

        You are the same person that was disgustingly rude and offensive to another person on here purely because they supported Jake Roberts getting sober. And now you have such tasteless remarks to say about a man that just passed away? Grow up

        • dean

          you need to grow up man. I am not a “fan boy”. I just see vince McMahon as a human being.
          he is not some monster like hitler, Osama bin laden, Charles manson etc.
          you are not vince McMahon’s judge. take all the bad things that you “think” McMahon has done and stick them in your rectum. I happen to respect the McMahon family over a bunch of drug addicted wrestlers. I respect john cena and a few other guys who are good people in real life. I don’t look up to drug addicts just because they are good at playing wrestler.
          I was a fan of nelson frazier but the fact that his wife blames wwe for his trouble is delusional since he has not been on the roster since august 2008.

          • Bob’s Diner

            So you respect a guy that has admitted to taking steroids for years and makes up skits where he pulls his pants down in the ring and gets other people to rub their face against his naked bum, over people that put their bodies on the line 300 days a year to entertain people? I know which I find more entertaining

          • dean

            no , I actually found those vince McMahon tv skits disgusting and stupid. I can’t defend his low brow acts on tv , but pro wrestling is a low brow industry. he took a lot of humiliation in the late 1990s from that redneck Austin just to get him “over” with fan boys like you who “fantasize over assaulting their bosses in a make believe fantasy world”.
            as far as steroids go, people who take them are not bad people. steroids were LEGAL prior to 1991 so McMahon taking them when he was younger to build muscle mass does not make him a bad person.
            As far as the wrestlers putting their “bodies on the line 300 days a year”, that is joke statement.
            they don’t wrestle 300 days anymore. they are CIRCUS PEFORMERS. they engage in a scripted, choreographed form of ENTERTAINMENT. you make it seem like McMahon is sending them to fight wars in other countries or something.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Steroids are drugs. But hey, I guess if Vince McMahon takes them they must be ok?

            You realise he is in charge of the creative decisions, right? That all the low brow comedy is his idea? Does Katy Vick mean anything to you?

            You are missing the point of my original post. Completely. I have no interest in going into all the information there is about Vince McMahon or arguing with people that think he is a good and wonderful human being

          • dean

            There is no point in arguing about this anymore.. pro wrestling is a low brow industry. mainstream media and society look down on it and its fanbase. McMahon is the ringmaster of the wwe circus and he does a great job. he took his dad’s little promotion and turned it into a billion dollar empire. to your chagrin, vince McMahon epitomizes the so called “American Dream”.
            at the end of the day, you are not vince McMahon’s judge, jury or executioner. if you do not respect the man then don’t support his product. I guarantee you that he could care less what you and other iwc nitwits or some stupid dirtsheet writers think about him.

          • Mysterion

            Right, feel it right to point things out here. A) Bobs Diner is, as usual, spot on. B) You’re on the Internet. You’re IWC, too, “nitwit”. C) You’re on a dirt sheet complaining about dirt sheets. Vince is a GREAT businessman. That’s undoubted. But he’s also done some messed up stuff in his life. I don’t know how you can defend him like this without knowing him personally. All Bobs Diner is pointing out is what’s been reported. Vince tends to get charitable when publicity is bad. Like any multimillionaire head of a globally traded company would. That’s not being a good human being. It’s being a shrewd businessman. You tell him to grow up, then proceed to throw all your toys out of your pram and paddy. Grow up and get your head out your ass.

          • dean

            first off, I have met vince McMahon in person in Stamford , ct. he is a great person.
            he is not like his bombastic tv character. even if iwc neaderthals or “smart rassling fanatics think he has done some “messed up things” in his life, why is it THEIR BUSINESS?
            just because those wastes of human feces watch McMahon’s shows and maybe gave him a freaking rating point or took their parents’ welfare checks and bought tickets to a rassling show does not make them McMahon’s judge and jury.
            McMahon provides a form of mindless, worthless, socially irrelevant fake wrestling to the masses. if fans don’t like his product, stop watching it, stop supporting it. McMahon does not owe a tattooed freak like cm punk anything and he does not owe “smart” fans or dirt sheet writers any thing except for a big FU or a fractured skull at the hands of security if those animals get out of line at one of his shows.

          • Bob’s Diner

            So to sum up…
            Wresters are stupid
            Wrestling is stupid
            Tattoos are stupid
            Drugs are stupid
            People that are against drugs are stupid
            Vince McMahon was nice to you so he must be a great guy.

            Guess what? If we met on the street I would probably be nice, too. Doesn’t mean as soon as I walk away I don’t go rape and kill little children… or does that not matter because I was nice to you?

            BTW when Jay El Bee is the only person on here supporting you, I think it’s time for you to move on

  • jdl

    If she actually believes that we give a damn about Vince McMahon’s dirty laundry, she’s insane. I get that she’s grieving, but how delusional can she get? We know he pushed steroids on people, we know about the allegations of sexual harassment and we’re well aware of how strange he is. Nothing she “reveals” can be much worse than what we already know.

    • dean

      McMahon did not push steroids on people. steroids were legal until 1991 so anyone with a doctor’s note could get them. McMahon WON his steroid trial in 1994 so in a court of law he was FOUND INNOCENT of steroid distribution charges.
      vince McMahon has done a lot of good in this world and so has his wife. the problem is that he is involved in a low brow industry and has to work with uneducated low brow wrestlers for the most part. and low brow fans for the most part.

      • Bob’s Diner

        “vince McMahon has done a lot of good in this world and so has his wife”

        This is about the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Kudos

      • jdl

        Yeah, because Hulk Hogan, a man who lied for years about taking steroids, and has been involved in many scandals that show his lack of moral scruples is a trustworthy source of information. You’ll also notice that I never claimed McMahon sold them, and thus your CAP LOCKED POINT ABOUT THAT IS COMPLETELY MOOT. If you believe that Vince had nothing to do with the massive drug problems that plagued his company during the 80s and 90s then you are delusional. Far too many of his employees have admitted to steroid use and implied Vince suggested it for him to be innocent.

        • dean

          McMahon was found INNOCENT in a court of law. in fact, many if not all of the stupid wrestlers who said that McMahon ordered them to take steroids HAD grudges against him so their testimony was worthless. Hogan TESTIFIED under oath that McMahon never told him or any other wrestler to TAKE steroids. in fact , all those wrestlers were drug users before even joining wwe in the 1980′s. the only mistake McMahon made was turning a blind eye to wrestlers’ drug use in the 1980′s and allowing a party atmosphere backstage.

          • Mysterion

            I know his word isn’t worth much of a damn these days but that’s really not how Nash tells it. He says WWF never had any of that shit backstage. He said what guys did on time off was up to them but not backstage.

  • Christen

    I can understand she is grieving when you lose someone you truly love you feel angry towards everyone and everything. She is wrong on a few things anything people find out they will still watch WWE we have heard people say this before. They threaten to expose Vince and WWE then you never hear anything from them then next time you do they are praising WWE. It is not WWE’s fault her husband is gone he hasn’t been with the company since 08. Yes there were rumors that they released him cause of his weight but that was never proven to be true or false. WWE does care about their employees i don’t think they are as heartless as she is saying. They care for the health and safety of their employees they have shown it. Nelson was a big man his heart was working so hard to pump blood through his body. Things like that happen his heart just couldn’t take it anymore. It is not his fault it is not WWE’s fault or anyone else’s fault things like this happen in life. I know she is angry now but she will get over. Best way is not to take it out on the former company i never heard of Big Daddy V talking bad about WWE. I am sure he wouldn’t want his wife to either.

    • TheBigKing1

      This is the case with EVERY wrestlers widow. They take that sadness and it changes into anger…and they direct it towards the wrong people. They like to blame the wrestling company…because that’s a very physical company…so they want to blame those years that their husband was risking his body for a company that cares(but don’t care as much) about you. So when they think of the company…they somehow correlate in their head, that they possibly caused his death…which is totally poposterous…because he hasn’t been in the company for years.

      • Christen

        Exactly he left the company in 08 some say WWE let him go because they feared for his weight. But it has never been proven wrong or true. He was in a independent circuit and i heard he was TNA for a brief time. Wrestlers know that when they get into wrestling they take risk of injuries and worse things happening. I never saw one news to where he had any bitterness towards the WWE. She is blaming Vince and WWE like they killed him when he hasn’t worked for the company in about 6 years. She is just angry and wants to take it out on someone and since he was in the WWE longest that is where the anger went

        • TheBigKing1

          Exactly. That’s exactly what it is.

          • Christen

            I know she is feeling grief but blaming a company he hasn’t worked for. Who was basically concerned about his health to begin with isn’t the way to go. Nelson never showed one ounce of bitterness towards Vince or WWE at least i never seen news about it. Also i can understand her being mad at TMZ they do that stuff all time they are busy nosey people. She is feeling pain and wants to take it out on someone although WWE could have done something for him on Raw instead of SD knowing not many watch SD.

          • TheBigKing1

            I agree.

  • Matt

    Frazier died because he was like 600 pounds for the majority of his life. We can respect the dead but we’re not idiots: you don’t see many 80 year old severely obese people. Sad but true. That post is even worse because I can’t take illiterate people serious. If she thinks that she has anything to get Vince with; she’s as crazy and dumb as her spelling/grammar. WWE didn’t air something on Monday because Viscera hasn’t been relevant in WWE for a long time. His nod on Smackdown and dot com was very respectful. What more does she expect during a PPV and launch of WWE Network?

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    this can’t be serious? well she could at least spell loser right.

    • Mysterion

      I stopped reading there, too. All caps, misspelled and crap grammar. I give up.

  • Steve

    People can say that wwe released him because of his weight but let’s face facts….he was very sloppy in the ring and was injuring some top guys…on top of that he wasn’t a draw!

  • John

    Cassandra Frazier should save her time and energy trying to “speak the truth” about the WWE. A man died in a WWE ring live on PPV and they continued on with the show.. They have no shame!

  • Omar ALkhalid

    WWE Is now PG now so they cant say one of their guys who wasn’t in their ring since 2008 just died from heart failure because they care more about their image …do you guys Remember Umaga? Umaga wrestled great matches when he died WWE couldnt care less to mention him and if a guy like SUPERMAN CENA dies out of heart attack or over drug abuse he is a super hero , if a guy like CM Punk dies wwe well make a big party