Backstage News On John Cena's Initially Strained Relationship With Vince McMahon & Triple H, Christian's Severe Injury & The Reason He Was Pulled From 12-Man Tag Match, Original Plans For Alberto Del Rio At Wrestlemania Revealed & What He Was Told Regarding His Usage, Why This Year's Wrestlemania Is Being Called "The End Of An Era," & Four Surprising Names Confirmed For Sunday's Pay-Per-View

- While doing media in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago, John Cena opened up about his initial relationship with Vince McMahon and Triple H. He said in 2002-2003 that Vince and Hunter wanted him fired and "everyone hated him." Cena said Vince wouldn't admit to it now.

- There is nothing more to Christian being pulled from Team Johnny in the 12-man tag team match at Wrestlemania XXVIII other than he is still having trouble with his ankle. Christian initially suffered the injury, a severe high ankle sprain, at a WWE live event overseas in early November. I spoke with someone close to Christian back in January who told me he would have been better off breaking it as rehabilitation was going very slow. Christian had hoped he would be able to work Wrestlemania but when it was determined he wouldn't be able to go, WWE did the injury angle on Monday's Raw Supershow to write him off.  The former World Heavyweight Champion has called the injury the most frustrating of his career.

- Alberto Del Rio was in the original plans for Team Johnny in the 12-man tag team match at Wrestlemania XXVIII but his spot ultimately went to The Miz. While healthy, WWE officials didn't feel the match was a good fit for Del Rio and had been looking for places to utilize Miz. I haven't heard if Del Rio will be kept off Wrestlemania entirely but he was told he would no longer be needed for the tag bout.

- This year's Wrestlemania is being looked at internally as "the end of an era" with the show's two main events featuring past stars from the Attitude Era. There will be a continuing change of direction after the pay-per-view. With that being said, there are already ideas being pitched to use The Undertaker next year as I reported on Monday here on

- Speaking of The Undertaker, Michelle McCool will be in attendance at Wrestlemania to watch her husband defend his undefeated streak for the 20th time. Other confirmed names include former Diva Torrie Wilson, New York Yankees Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez and aspiring politician Linda McMahon.

  • Daarko

    'There will be a continuing change of direction after the pay-per-view.' – Never before has a single sentence devastated me as much. I sincerely hope it is for the better!

    • Kleck

      I’m completely excited for WM 28. My worry is what happens afterwards…it’s all over come Tuesday April 3rd. The year of CM Punk is over, The Rock’s appearances are over, and the change of tone from Cena changes back to normal. For me, the build to WrestleMania was superb but It’s also an ending of the change of pace.

      • Daarko

        So I'm I, can't wait, the lineup is amazing, BUT my comment was for the aftermath, just as yours.
        'There will be a continuing change of direction after the pay-per-view.' indicates that what we have seen the last couple of years is only a warm-up for the real PG Era.. 🙁

  • Tomas

    I'm declaring Shenanigans. If Vince McMahon had wanted to fire Cena in 02-03 before he was a big name, he'd have been fired. He fired Paul London for smiling at the wrong time.

    In the Immortal words of Valerie from The Princess Bride: