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- John Cena was pulled from Sunday's WWE live event in Kansas City, Missouri after suffering an eye injury in a match against Randy Orton at Saturday night's WWE live event in Orlando, Florida. The spot where Cena was injured was obvious to the audience and as we reported earlier, the match was even paused for a brief second where he was evaluated in the ring by medical personnel. Cena's eye was swollen shut on Sunday and he was set for re-evaluation on Monday. His status for this week's Monday Night Raw in Omaha, Nebraska is currently unknown, however, he was on the booking sheets prior to the injury. The injury did require WWE to offer refunds to the sparse crowd in Kansas City on Sunday as Cena had been a focal point of the advanced promotional material.

- Vince McMahon remains focused on trying to convince CM Punk to come back to face Triple H at Wrestlemania XXX. The plan for Punk to face Hunter at the show is still on if Punk will return. While there was talk backstage at Raw last Monday the bout [against Triple H] could be given to Daniel Bryan, it's unknown if that even made it to Punk before he decided to go home. As far as Punk was concerned, he was set for program with Hunter at Wrestlemania but met with Vince at Raw and left. The issue is one that has split many in WWE. The people that like Punk don't blame him for leaving, while his detractors don't miss him.

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