Cena’s Injury Status, Booker T Update, Kickoff Panel, Title Match Pulled From HIAC?

- John Cena will be wearing a protective pad on his left arm in the World Heavyweight Championship match against Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell on Sunday. While he’s been medically cleared, they’re being cautious and do not want Cena’s arm to endure any unneeded stress.

- Booker T is not scheduled to be at WWE Hell in a Cell in Miami. The WWE Hall of Famer will be watching the show with some of his Reality of Wrestling students at Diablo Loco in Houston, Texas.

- The WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff panel will consist of Josh Mathews, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth and Kaitlyn.

- WWE is no longer advertising the announced Intercontinental Championship match between Curtis Axel and Big E Langston scheduled for the Hell in a Cell Kickoff show on their official website. At this point the status of the match is unknown.

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  • devansh

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJRBCHDgaYI its announced on youtube for the live stream.

  • Donnie Stuart

    Big E deserves that title shot

    • AJ Punk

      Big E needs that title. Axel is a lame champ

  • Mike McCarthy

    well there’s only 6 matches on the main card, it could be getting moved up

  • comic_dan

    Match cancelled. Axel not cleared to wrestle.

  • Christen

    If they do not want Cena’s arm to endure any unneeded stress then why bring him back early? It’s too early i think for Cena to return and def to early to win a title without any story being set up between him and Del Rio