Cesaro Moves On, Flo Rida Performance, What You Didn’t See, Wardrobe Malfunction

WWE Raw TV notes…

- As the storyline goes, Cesaro has separated from Paul Heyman and is looking to align with The Authority. He beat Dean Ambrose in a singles match via disqualification on this week's telecast when Ambrose used a chair.

- Flo Rida performed live from Miami, as you can view highlights at this link or embedded below:

- The Rock's mother Ata Johnson was in attendance at this week's show.

- Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns beat Seth Rollins & Kane in a dark match main event after the show ended.

- Nikki Bella's bare breast was exposed after the 4-on-1 handicap match. Production caught it and cut the feed, however, pictures still ended up circulating on social media.

  • Claire

    It was only a matter of time that Nikki popped out of her top. Her little tops are always way too uncomfortably tight, and that female-John-Cena-sports outfit doesn’t come off genuine. Brie’s outfits have remained a lot better.
    Plus last week, when they showed Nikki up close, she looked like a 40-something year old trying to hide her face behind pounds of make-up… =

  • Venom

    Unless you’re Brock Lesnar, being a Paul Heyman guy is career suicide. Ask Ryback, Curtis Axel, Heidenreich and so many more. I’m surprised they never went back to Cesaro vs Cena after their mini feud during Elimination Chamber build up and then have Paul and Cesaro vs Cena like they always do to every Paul Heyman guy.

    • Avalanchian

      Wasn’t too bad for Punk and in a way RVD was one also.

      • Venom

        Well Punk was already made and from a storyline he turned heel then aligned woth Heyman which resulted in a few DQ losses and eventually losing to the Rock, Cena and Taker. I can’t remember Hwyman managing RVD. U should clarify that I’m talking about being a Paul Heyman guy in real life is different then being a Paul Heyman guy in storyline.

        It’s not Paul Heyman is bad. It’s the opposite. He is that great and entertaining he seems to outshine other wrestlers. I think the only difference between Brock and the others is that Brock made his debut with Heyman. The others were already on tv and later joined Heyman.

  • Roger

    Why does it always gotta be boob over and over again? Why can’t we get a glimpse of a divas bare ass?

    • Patrick

      so what’s wrong with a bare boob..lol

  • Logan

    HD has not been kind to Nikki Bella!..

  • Dave Barton

    Boob slip? You know what they say…pics or it didn’t happen.

  • King James

    Heyman has failed with 3 guys in a row now, Axel, Ryback, and Cesaro. I think that’s a big hit to the “greatest manager of all time” claim.

  • Lefty Tosser

    Does Nikki really not know how to get a top that fits? lol I can really see Cena marrying a lady that can’t keep herself underexposed. She’s had almost as many malfunctions as Lindsay Lohen.