Cesaro Wins Inaugural Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

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Cesaro won the inaugural 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal after he body slammed Big Show over the top rope. The spot continued the enormous babyface reaction he garnered from turning on Jack Swagger after their loss earlier in the night.

Overall, the bout was by in large forgettable with the only other notable spot being by Kofi Kingston. Kofi was thrown over the ropes but landed on the ring steps, thus not being eliminated.

Below is a ringside photos courtesy of Justin Roberts:

  • Jacob

    Happy for cesaro! It’s great he got his wrestlemania moment! Loving tonights show!

  • Avalanchian

    I’m happy with him winning. He’s come on strong with a great fan reaction.

  • Mandy

    Cesaro shined in this match!! Well deserved win! Happy he got his moment at Wrestlemania, this was huge for him

  • Gio

    I actually enjoyed the battle royal, but believe that the number of participants should be reduced next year or the next time they do this

  • John

    I knew Cesaro was winning as soon as i saw he was in the match, but the finish was unbelievable!. Actually picking someone like Big Show up for a body slam is way more impressive than just resting him on your shoulders with all your weight like we have seen a million times with Cena, Ryback etc. Incredible spot.

    • guest

      cena/ryback steroid muscle. cesaro real muscle.


        Cena has NEVER tested positive for ANY banned substance. Dnt hate

  • Justin Daniels

    Between Cesaro coming off strong from the pre-show tag match, to winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, it’s pretty safe to say he’s getting a rocket strapped to his back…and I love it. He has such a unique skill set, and is tremendously strong for his size. Very marketable, definitely championship material.