Chad Baxter's Contract, NXT Live Tickets, New WWE Books Deals

Chad Baxter's WWE Contract

Former WWE NXT talent Chad Baxter, whose real name is Derek Foore, isn't backing down from selling his WWE contract. In fact, he's still trying to determine the price. The following is from Twitter:

NXT Live Tickets

If you're looking to attend any WWE NXT live events, you can get 2-for-1 tickets by using the password STAYDOWN. You can look for tickets at this link.

New WWE Book Deals

WWE has signed new merchandising deals with Papercutz and Bendon Publishing. The former to produce graphic novels and digital comic books and the latter to produce coloring and activity books.

  • Robert Olley

    The past shows us that when wwe release development talent 8/10 times they rehire them so what on earth has possessed him to do this?

    • Patrick

      he’s stupid that’s why he is acting like this…..most likely all pissed off he was fired.