Chael Sonnen Reacts To Vince McMahon Pulling CM Punk From UFC Appearance

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After Vince McMahon nixed the possibility of CM Punk accompanying UFC star Chael Sonnen to the cage this weekend, Sonnen responded to The segment about CM Punk begins about 5 and a half minutes in, embedded below:

  • guest

    shit, his voice makes my ears bleed.

  • Mike

    Why did I glance at this and read Chael Sonnen as Courtney Stodden?!?!?

  • Tiago

    chael is freaking entertaining

  • Ryan

    Chael can cut a hell of a promo! Ilike it when he was asked if he was going to come out to CM Punk's theme song!

  • PhilT81

    This is building to something. Chael always likes to keep his options open but I wouldn’t be surprised if VJM is trying to poach him. He loves talking just as much as he loves fighting and this would help set up Chael Vs VKM or even Chael Vs whoever the WWE authority figure is. I’d go a step further and say that if Chael wins the UFC Title that there is a risk that instead of him defending it he would breach his contract and jump ship to WWE, even no-showing a title defence PPV – anything is possible where Chael and VKM are concerned although I admit it’s still highly improbable.