Chael Sonnen Rips Vince McMahon For Wanting To Fight Dana White

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Brooks Oglesby reported here on that Dana White said Vince McMahon once called him and wanted to fight him… in WWE or in UFC. White declined, saying he respects Vince but he's too old to fight anybody.

Top UFC fighter Chael Sonnen decided to offer his opinion. The following is from Sonnen's Twitter:

So, hypothetically speaking, who wins and why - Vince McMahon or Dana White?

  • StraightEdgeForLife

    I thought my boy Punk and Chael were pals in real life?!

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      UFC or WWE; one thing for sure, it’s kayfabe-wise…

    • John

      It’s Chael Sonnen.. Don’t take it so serious. Not only is he good friends with Punk, but he has also been backstage at a few WWE shows! Hell i bet he has even talked with Vince in the past.

  • michael

    I thought Sonnen and Punk were friends?

  • I wanna try and steer this conversation… who wins? My money is on Vince!

    • John

      In a worked match? Sure, but in a martial arts fight? Come on, Vince would get killed! Obviously it was a long time ago, but Dana White was actually a legit boxer at one stage in his life. He used to train with the Mayweather’s.

    • opie

      Apparently these guys haven’t seen Vince McMahon, Richard. He may be old, but he’s big, he’s strong, and he’s tough. I still think this is just as bogus as most of what comes out of Dana’s mouth.

      • How do you know he is tough? What he does is fake. A couple of jabs from White and Vince would be done. White is a good size guy that also works out and is much younger and legitimately fought.

    • Kris Mystery

      Vince is a bodybuilder..not a fighter. Dana is much younger and a trained fighter (as well as a former street fighter)..former bouncer…amateur boxer……Dana would destroy a REAL fight of course. A worked match would end however they wanted it to.

    • Seriously Richard?, White is an athlete. Vince is a 60 year old steriod abuser. Go back and look at videos of Vince when he was announcing in the early 80’s. He was a scrawny clown. It would be a bloodbath with Vince taking an absolute beating.

  • Chael Sonnen is the man.

  • ceedot

    I think he automatically loses just because he seems to get upset and angry for no reason.

  • #MediaAttention

    Look someone is trying to get media attention with all of this around WrestleMania. I’m sure that Vince and Dana got together and said lets plant this story. Get the media talking about both companies. Before Dana came out with this, they were heading into a big PPV with the light heavyweight title on the line. Vince has yearly event coming up, its just another way that the rich get richer and the dumb get dumber. This will never happen, I don’t know who would win, I think that Vince would have a legit shot at fighting him. Look at Dana, just because you run an MMA company, doesn’t make you an MMA fight. Vince on the other hand, while I’m sure that roids have plenty to do with body, dude still works harder than any old dude his age. Money on Vince, call me stupid, whatever but Dana is a chump.

  • K!NG

    Who is Chael Sonnen?

    • K!NG

      I remember he got his ass kicked by anderson silva and hasnt had a fight in almost a year…. hmmm seems like all he can do is talk


    Dana will get drunk on the way in, ropes/cage door wins!!!lol

  • Xavier

    Sonnen is a good MMA fighter but I think his true calling would be in the WWE. His mic skills are better then 90 percent of the guys on the roster.

  • Dominick gilroy

    Vince right now would lay Dana white out!!!! They just mad they can’t draw the crowds pro wrestling does

  • king of smoke

    Vince as old as he is would have kicked Dana’s ass. And this Sonnen guy is a mook!!

  • I think Dana white is full of it. Vince does not view Dana as competition so why would he acknowledge him.

  • Alex Parkinson

    Vince would win, gives dana a bunch of money, dana lays down. $$$ HAHAHA Vince learned from the best! Everyone’s got a price!