Chael Sonnen Says CM Punk Has Considered Leaving WWE For MMA

UFC's Chael Sonnen appeared on Lavar and Dukes on 106.7 The Fan DC on Thursday afternoon to promote his fight against Rasad Evans at UFC 167. Sonnen, who is friends with CM Punk, said the former 434-day WWE Champion has given MMA serious consideration.

Sonnen followed up by saying that he doesn't think Punk will do it but he's been the reverse of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar knew how to wrestle before he came to UFC, while Punk is learning how to fight and had visions of making the transition.

Click here to listen to the interview in its entirety.

  • Harlie Boucher

    I honestly think Punk would get his ass kicked if he did that, but who knows, could prove me wrong. If he ever gets his last dream about being in the main event of Wrestlemania, he might just do it.

    • Joey

      I may have to agree with you. This would be a big blow to wwe if punk went to MMA, he is way better off in wwe than MMA.
      Since joining the wwe in 2007 and close to winning money in the bank match up at his first wrestlemania in 2007. That was the starting point to cm punks wrestling career. Because he had it what it took to be come WWE champ.

  • Robi

    Don’t let Sonnen work you guys, if anything he just made CM Punk some cash. It is no secret Punk had his way with McMahon on his new contract, little things like this just add more value to Punk in McMahon’s eyes, meaning Vince will overpay to see Punk remain in the WWE when his contract is up.

    Last thing McMahon wants is to lose CM Punk to the UFC who he views as a competitor. Plus the question of MMA has been asked to Punk before numerous time & while he says he is a big fan of the sport, he always finishes it with my passion is wrestling.

    • Danny_Boy

      Punk’s passion is wrestling because he knows that the one hour he spends at Gracie once a weekend wouldn’t do him any good in UFC. He’d get destroyed in UFC,

      • Nick K

        Like how you always get destroyed in this comment section.

  • _JIM_

    Punk would be making a big mistake if he chose to make the jump to UFC. You can’t train part-time and learn everything you need to learn to compete there. He may be learning MMA but it’s just a hobby. His real career takes up way too much of his time for him to be honestly taking MMA seriously.

    Isn’t Sonnen’s next opponent who Batista was supposed to have his debut fight against? But the guy got injured during training or something. Whatever happened Batista wound up fighting somebody else. Seems like a major jump in skill level for this Rasad Evans. Going from fighting Batista who hadn’t ever had a professional fight to. About a year later going up against Sonnen. Who has had a ton of fights against the best talent in the world. Good luck to him, but I don’t see this ending well for him.