Champion vs. Champion Match Announced For WWE Main Event

WWE has announced that WWE Champion CM Punk will face World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus on the premiere episode of WWE Main Event next Wednesday on Ion TV.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    That is earth shattering.. Lol

  • livhay

    Is this another show with only 1 match ?

  • mjledesma

    It’s an hour show I believe

  • dektcmpunx

    adult version of Slam? heard its rated MA

  • Wwe4L76

    ZZzzZzzzZZz sounds so fun…..

  • Aaron

    Let Punk win the match clean.

    • Andrew Ace

      Let sheamus win. Punks already an established main eventer. And its looking like his run as champion is coming to an end with a match against big show at hiac and the possibility ziggler cashing in

  • Bishop

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the Great Khali will not be involved in this match….

  • Bault16

    Ummmmmm, what’s Ion TV?

  • thebops

    Do I get Ion? 🙂

  • thebops

    I’d rather Superstars televised. I want to see more than the dozen featured guys.

  • Eric

    here we go