Championship Match Moved To Wrestlemania Pre-Show, Raw Watch Party

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Match Moved to Wrestlemania Pre-Show

Wade Barrett will defend the WWE Intercontinental Championship against The Miz on the Wrestlemania Pre-Show on Sunday. The move was announced on Monday night during this week's episode of WWE Raw. The Wrestlemania Pre-Show will begin at 6 PM EDT. We'll stream it live here at

Raw Watch Party

Make sure you discuss this week's WWE Raw with us as it airs in our "Open Thread" Watch Party. The thread is now open at this link.

  • Chris

    Another reason why I won’t be ordering the PPV!!! Lame!!!

    • Who Cares

      Nobody gives a shit if you order or not

  • Joey

    The mixed tag match is on the show but the IC title match isnt? What is this! an april fools joke?

  • Maybe this is a way to get miz vs cesaro as well on the main card.

    • big m

      what you mean like a unification match for the US and IC belts.

      • I wasn’t thinking that originally but would not be against that happening.

  • big m

    That is so bloody stupid I mean I’m not a big fan of Miz or Barrett but not having the IC title on the show of shows is a bit off tradition wise same goes for not having a Divas title match as well I’m not one of those IWC people who question WWE’s or TNA’s logic just for the sake of it but even I think this is pretty dumb.

  • Iamjohnnymcb

    Well there goes cesaros match

  • MIz will win tht match