Championship Thursday Premiering On This Week's Episode Of Impact Wrestling

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TNA Wrestling issued the following release:

Back in April, Hulk Hogan announced a new format to IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV – “Open Fight Night”. This once-a-month special gave anyone on IMPACT the opportunity to call out anyone on the roster and that person had to fight. Along with “Gut Check”, the episode featured a championship match where Hulk Hogan decided the challenger. Starting Thursday night and happening once a month, “Championship Thursday” will break out into its own episode of IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV - Hulk Hogan announced to today.

On “Championship Thursday”, an IMPACT WRESTLING champion will walk to the ring not knowing whom they will face. During this monthly episode, four challengers will meet with Hulk Hogan and plead their case why they deserve the shot at the champion. One by one, the challengers will be eliminated until bell time when two challengers remain. As the champion stands in the ring ready to defend, Hogan makes the final decision and the title match starts right then!

On Thursday, the World Tag Team Champions – Kazarian and Christopher Daniels -walk to the ring not knowing their foes. Hulk Hogan will sit down with four sets of challengers and hear their case during the broadcast! The challengers will be AJ Styles and a partner of his choosing, Robbie E & Robbie T, Gunner and Kid Kash, and Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez!

Tune into Spike TV on Thursday at 8/7c to see how it unfolds LIVE!

  • Guy Landau

    Look at the state of the Tag division where the most experienced tag team is AJ and a partner of his choosing…

  • Tna

    Too much gimmicking

  • jdl

    Dear TNA;

    A new gimmick every few weeks will not boost your ratings.

  • TrueLaz

    i bet AJ is gonna Choose Kurt Angle

    • Mark3man

      I bet aj wins the belts with who ever.

  • cagekicker

    Don’t forget, Angle says he is only part time..prolly dont want ur belt on a ‘part timer’…Jus’ sayin’.

  • Kevin

    I suspect it'll be Chavo and Hernandez, and that they'll win the belts. I'm betting that Chavo made a deal with TNA that included him winning a title shortly after arriving. He was an awesome tagteam wrestler with his uncle Eddie; why not team up speed and brawn and make them the new champions?

  • _JIM_

    Well I can see already the AJ and the “partner of his choosing” will be wrestling the world tag-team champions of the world… Just wondering what out of nowhere and nonsensical partner AJ will pick.