Charlie Haas Says The WWE Tag Team Division Sucks, Comments On The Job Of John Laurinaitis

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Wrestling News World reader Mike Buda sent in the following:

This is Mike Buda with We recently had an interview with Charlie Haas and he talked about ROH's tag team success, Jim Cornette, John Laurainitis, Team Angle and his thoughts of WWE's tag team division and how to fix it. Here are a few interesting things he had to say:

On WWE's tag team division:

"If you look at their tag team division, it sucks. The wrestlers don't suck, the division sucks. Creative doesn't know it; I don't know if it's creative or the political bullshit Vince McMahon or whoever that don't like tag team wrestling. They don't push it and they don't showcase it like they used to. At one time, it was phenomenal when you had Edge and Christian, the Dudleys, the Hardys and the New Age Outlaws. That was great, but now they just throw two guys together and they put a couple of shitty belts on them that look terrible. Those belts look like pennies."

On how to fix WWE's tag team division:

"You've got one of the greatest minds in the business, who was part of one of the greatest tag teams and that's Arn Anderson. I would go back to the agents and say 'Arn, you're in charge of the tag team division. Come up with some tag teams, create tag teams and create story lines.' Let the agents that have been in the ring and have done their jobs, let them write the business."

On John Laurainitis' job:

"He has a hard job. Everyone can say that he should do this or do that, but I guess you really can't tell until you're in that position. He's got a lot of pressure on him and he's got to show that they're saving money and that the money they're putting out towards wrestlers are going to produce to make that money back. It's a numbers game with him and it's tough for him. I think he does the best that he can to his capabilities."

You can find the whole interview at this link.

  • Matt Scott

    Uncensored swearwords in there man.

  • Latrell

    Charlie is right, there is no respect for tag team divisions in the WWE. It’s not the equivalent of women’s wrestling.

    • Jessie Skys

      I agree! The WWE tag team division sucks!

  • AnacondaVise

    I could not agree with him more. As a fan of Tag Team wrestling it pains me to see how far it has falling. They need to completely rebuild the whole Div or just scrap it all together.

    • Anand

      Yes. For that matter, even the IC or the US championships arent given the kind of importance they had up until a few years back. Its been quite a while since any of these 2nd tier title belts involved a solid feud. WWE needs to revamp its Tag Team division and bring in more importance to the 2nd tier belts to keep the 2 hour long show interesting. Just the WWE or the WHC title feud cant run a 2 hour long show!

  • Sam The Man.

    Yes it should start with new belts. Those are the worst since ….well they are the worst.

  • Rob UK

    I don’t think there’s a chance of ever getting back to the great tag divisions of old.. I grew up watching demolition, LOD, the rockers and so on to the Hardys, the dudleys, edge and Christian.
    The problem is now there is no really tag teams – just two mid carders with nothing to do thrown together. Why not use some of this great development talent we have and bulid a tag division.. Instead of just debuting singles wrestling who mainly fall flat. Giving guys a chance on tv and possibly creating a break out star from a tag teams like edge or shawn michaels..? but the main thing that needs to happen if the division was ever rebuilt is the wrestlers need to learn the art of tag wrestling. which is what makes tag team wrestling so exciting when you have teams that work as one performing great moves and not just two singles wrestlers basically wrestling 2 singles matches.

  • The Breaker

    Completely agree with everything he said about the tag division. And the title belts do look like giant pennies! haha

  • Jack

    why didn't he talk this well when he was in wwe

  • JoeD

    Definitely agree with the tag team division sucking. I know it will never hit the highs of Hardys, Dudleys, E & C, LOD, NAO, but just having a tag TEAM pleases me. But as many have and will say, they just chuck a course of guys together & they win these awful belts. I quite liked the Primo & Epico gimmick but they didn’t even have a team name! And now we’ve got the formiddible force of Kofi (AGAIN?!) and R-Truth….that’s really appealing….to 7 year olds!

    • Anand

      They should probably pair up Ziggler & Swagger and have them feud with kofi & Truth. That would be a nice rivalry to showcase each others talents as well as to revive the tag team division…

      For gods sake No Santino & Khali or any other absurd random team. Tag Team wrestling is much more than just pairing two random individuals. Last weeks Smackdown team of Yoshi & zeek was nothing short of PATHETIC

  • Blazeking

    Charlie is right. How in the hell do you not have the tag champs defending the belts @ Wrestlemania? It's been two years in a row the belts have been snubbed from the "biggest PPV of the year".

  • ViperDaughter

    John L. hurted John C. If I was the COO of the WWE, I would say "John L. Your Fired!" Hope that would happen.