Charlie Sheen Teased For SummerSlam

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Charlie Sheen all but challenged Daniel Bryan to a match the next time he was in Los Angeles on the 1000th episode of WWE Raw (saying Daniel could interrupt his challenge however he saw fit). Michael Cole teased Sheen for SummerSlam as the pay-per-view will take place from LA next month.

  • Frenchfry


  • skeeber04

    Not good Bryan vs sheen

  • Austin

    Please god let that just be an off-hand comment.

    • Logan_Walker

      I Reckon it would be a good match ? depens on how the wwe played it out.

      • CaliburUK

        If they have anyone there who could get some semi-decent work out of Sheen it’s Bryan tbh

        • Logan_Walker

          Well i mean how will they build it up? what storyline how will bryan respond on smacdown ?

  • Craigscool88

    Sorry my phone said the first one didn’t work

  • Craigscool88

    Also it could just have the older ones come in and get choke slammed or tombstones eliminated quick to lower the team I do get that it’s 17 on 1 but it would be a real “test” for the undertaker