Chavo Guerrero Coming To TNA Wrestling

Dixie Carter announced Thursday on Twitter that Chavo Guerrero is coming to TNA and will debut on the July 26th episode of Impact Wrestling. Below is her Tweet:

  • Ricky

    From WWE to a company not even making 10,000 buys….step in the right direction huh?

    • Dangerous Lee

      So what would you do if wwe released you? Just not work abd live homeless?

      • Brandon Ceielo

        Wrestlers can and do get regular jobs.
        I hope he does better in TNA than he has his last few years in WWE.

      • christopher525

        Go to Japan and become a star there, there's a chance they may pick you up about 10 years later and try to make you a main eventer.

      • bigmilos1987

        He asked for his release from wwe

  • Matt

    Why did Chavo leave WWE?

    • samantha_reichle

      he was really upset at WWE and WWE didnt have anything for him.

      • Jeremy

        Nah he's in TNA cuz his uncle (Hector Guerrero) is also in TNA. You know Chavo won't work unless he had a relative there. Since Eddie passed away, Chavo look to Hector now.

  • chelu671

    The only thing I’m suprised about, is how long it took for the Mexican Warrior to finally join TNA.

  • Blaze

    I will be on vacation that week in Florida. Can't wait to go to this.

  • ToddlolT

    Oooo Chavo ::rolls eyes:: lol

  • Ian P.

    I feel like he would have been rehired by WWE if he waited a bit longer as a road agent. Maybe he needed the moeny though. Any details on what led him to sign with TNA?

  • B Haan

    Would rather see Chris Masters in TNA I really enjoy his work.

  • quiknkold

    Prediction : Chavo Guerrero gets pushed to the top. Wins top Championship, Loses Championship, dwindles and dwindles, then leaves.

  • skeeber04

    I don’t blame chavo,he was probably mad because he didn’t have matches.and he’s thinking he will in TNA.

  • vfrezz

    I thought he was in TNA already wasn’t he in mexican america …….oh that was anarchia

  • Steve l

    Impact also works with AAA in Mexico. Chavo could be good for them

  • JOHN

    i dont care where he wrestles, chavo is a great in ring performer and i think that the wwe dropped a talent that could have and prolly still will, be a GREAT asset to ANY wrestling company that uses him

  • BigMike

    Glad to see Chavo in TNA hopefully he can be used right as he is a veteran but he can still fly around and make a good match I like Chavo he is nowhere near Eddie But CHavo has always been way underrated

  • stoney

    At least he won't be jobbing to Dorkswoggle in TNA

  • Tim

    Does Dixie and TNA not get that having a wrestler randomly show up over getting announce over twitters to the world their coming is more exciting for us fans??