Chavo Guerrero Says 5,000 People Were Turned Away From Ring Ka King Show

Chavo Guerrero, who is part of TNA's Ring Ka King project in India, wrote the following on Twitter:

  • Spyder

    Does he have proof of these claims or is he just blowing smoke to create publicity for TNA and Ring Ka King, whatever the heck that is

  • Blazeking

    Ring Ka King means "King of the ring". I can't read hindi so I can't check their local news sites.

  • jdl

    Bull. You know it, I know it, Chavo knows it. The place they had the tapings at could only hold 1,500 and if there had really been riots over it, it would be global news.

    • Tomazo

      I don’t agree. Allthough there mau be no truth to Chavos claim, a small riot in India would get no attention from international media. Specially if the cops handled it quickly.

      I can however see how Guerrero may have mistaken the line at the entrance of such a populated community for a crowd waiting for a bus…

  • Jeff

    Is this gonna be on tv in the U.S.?

    • Ranveer

      no man its going to air here in India on the Colors channel….

      • Absent

        Colors channel is available in the UK and US on satellite. Not sure if it airs exactly the same programming but a version of the channel is available.