Chavo Guerrero Threatens The Miz; Velvet Sky Returning To TNA?

- Chavo Guerrero wrote the following on Twitter:

- Velvet Sky is believed to be close to a new contract with TNA Wrestling. As we reported last summer, TNA was "desperately" trying to re-sign her in fear she could eventually end up in WWE.

  • ImAwesome420

    What did The Miz do wrong besides being… AWESOME!

    • Ken

      Had about twice the success of Chavo in about half the time.

      • An0n


      • James M>>>

        Without being part of a wrestling family.

  • snuggle

    Chavo nobodies afraid of you stop. Chavo needs to face facts he was never on Eddies level, and never will be. I never thought that Chavo was a good wrestler and the fact that he runs his mouth about Wwe guys like Cena and Miz makes that even more true.

    • JJ

      So true

    • Ricky Valdez

      Chaco is a great wrestler, but you would not no this, Chavo was held down after Eddie died, but believe me Chavo is a hell of a wrestler.

  • The Breaker

    So Chavito decided to tweet about it? Oh man, he must really mean business.

  • nathaniel

    even though im not crazy about chavo. miz is a punk honestly from what i've heard miz is pretty hated by the locker room himself. so miz mouthing doesn't suprise me.

    • XKonn247

      He was. He’s earned his respect and paid his dues. And he’s one of the nice guys off camera.

  • Sweetonion

    Little Jimmy will kick both of their asses

  • outkazt09

    Shit just got real.

  • I guess im the only one who respects Chavo Guerrero.

    • Jamie

      I respect him for who he is, I just don't like him and the way he acts

  • SRP

    I’m glad Velvet may be returning. I always enjoyed seeing her.

  • _JIM_

    Jump on the Miz’s coat tails Chavo. About the only way anybody would actually give a crap about you. It really bothers me when washed up no body’s try that. I also love how TNA is trying to make it like Chavo was some big star in WWE. Like we didn’t see his career or something. Thanks for insulting our intelligence TNA.

  • ThisGuy

    Chavo can wrestle….but from an entertainment level….he’s just boring. At least The Miz’s mic skills are on point,

  • Dave

    Chavo is embarrassing himself again…

  • ChrisH

    Oh Chavo. Why must you be so mouthy for attention? Do your job in the ring if you want people to talk about you. Not pointless threats to another wrestler.

  • H.M.

    Out of all the comments people have posted running down Chavo's career, has it not for ONCE occurred to anyone to even ask why he's flipping out? Was it attention or was it genuine? What if he has a point and it isn't some desperate claim for attention we always make these rants out to be? I'd like to know both sides of the story before making any judgment(as trivial and mundane as this little ordeal might be.). Typical IWC stuff by jumping the gun and acting as if you know one's intention behind his action.

    • SRP

      The IWC. Where reading a portion of a story makes people post uninformed opinions.

  • Enforcer

    Chavos only “claim to fame” in WWE was the “we lie, we cheat, we steal!” gimmick he had with Eddie. Other than that he was Superstars quality at best.

  • The Rebel

    Go velvet and, as taz says, “Let the Pigeons Lose!”