Chris Benoit Film, Kassius Ohno Call Up, Punk After Wrestling, Total Divas, Steroids & PEDs

Is the upcoming Chris Benoit biopic, Crossface, basically going to be a documentary? I've also heard Kurt Angle and Triple H are going to be a pretty big part of the movie, is that true?

The upcoming Chris Benoit biopic, Crossface, is based on the book "Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit and the Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry" by Matthew Randazzo V. I read the book and can tell you I won't be watching the film. While well researched, it's not an objective look by any means. The author has a certain point of view and does his best to convince the reader to buy it. He blames Vince McMahon. He blames Benoit's training. He blames and blames and blames yet I just didn't buy it. You can't blame pro wrestling or Vince McMahon or anyone else for what happened with Chris Benoit. I don't know why Chris did what he did. I don't know what caused him to do what he did but I do know that to blame the business is wrong and incredibly shortsighted. No, I don't agree with everything Vince does but to put this on him isn't right either. I'm sure Triple H will be portrayed in the film but he isn't taking part. I haven't heard anything about Kurt Angle but it wouldn't be wise for any pro wrestler to take part in the film. There is an agenda here and it's agenda that blames the business over personal accountability.

Any update on the main roster call-up of Kassius Ohno?

Kassius Ohno has been on the short list for a main roster call-up several times in WWE yet it hasn't happened. We heard there was an issue regarding his weight training. Apparently he was asked to spend more time in the weight room and he took offense to it. There is a lot of frustration from Ohno about his status but so far the update is there is no update.

When CM Punk retires from the ring do you see him taking a position behind-the-scenes?

CM Punk says he's not a pro wrestling lifer and many feel like he'll "move on" once he's finished in the ring. I have a hard time seeing Punk working for Triple H behind-the-scenes in WWE after his in-ring career but you never know.

Why aren't divas like AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, Layla El, Tamina Snuka, and Alicia Fox in Total Divas? Is it because too many of the side stories of each diva would confuse the fans?

WWE and E worked together to put together a cast for the show and the names you mentioned just didn't make the cut. Both Eva Marie and Jo Jo Offerman were brought in specifically for the show. I can't say enough about the success of the show. While I haven't watched the 2nd episode yet, this is a good thing for WWE. They are expanding their demographic and growing the WWE brand. When they grow, we all benefit.

Are steroids and performance enhancing drugs still an issue in pro wrestling?

Absolutely steroids and performance enhancing drugs are still an issue in pro wrestling. Both TNA and WWE test and things have cleaned up to a certain extent but to act like the issue has been solved and these substances have been eradicated would be naive at best. The only way to completely eliminate steroids and PEDs would be to implement Olympic style drug testing and I'm not even sure that would completely solve it. All of the outrage and surprise over PEDs in baseball is pretty hilarious. It's a widespread issue that we've only begun to uncover.

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  • Ricky

    If I were Ohno I would listen and do as I would told if it means going from NXT to Raw and Smackdown. Just swallow your pride and do what they ask dude.

    • outkazt09

      Agreed. You can’t back talk this early in your career in WWE.

  • dean

    chris benoit is a murderer. to hell with the excuses about his stupid concussions, his steroid usage or his work in a “fake sport”. benoit was given wins, titles, etc by promoters so he never “earned” anything. he was a clown in a circus sideshow form of entertainment.
    if benoit’s dad loved him , he would have told his son to stop taking drugs, and to get a “real” job instead of bashing his head with chairs, doing head butts off the top rope and to stop touching half naked men in fake fights for a living.

    • Chris worked his ass off to get where he was. I categorically reject the notion he never earned anything. He earned every bit of it. It’s harder to make it in pro wrestling than any other sport. Contrived or not, this business is as competitive and cut throat as any sport out there.

      • dean

        i will agree with you that benoit worked hard to achieve success in the industry and to get into a positon in which promoters would elevate him and push him as a star. however, Richard, you cannot deny that benoit’s “accomplishments” will be forever outweighed by the massive amount of harm that he caused the industry especially wwe with his murder rampage in 2007. benoit does not deserve to be honored by wwe in any manner.
        As far as wwe and drug testing , the wwe’s goal is to keep wwe talent alive so they do not pass away under wwe contract and to provide assistance to former wwe talent who have substance abuse issues.

        • Yeah, I’m not talking about honoring Benoit. I’m debunking the notion that Benoit didn’t earn his spot. Trust me, he earned it.

    • Babie Sabrina

      so as far as my beliefs on the subject of chris a blame everyone

      yes you do what your told to do to succeed , and roids was what you did in that day and time to get to where your bosses would notice you

      but at the same time we the marks was eating it up so we are to blame too
      yes Chris was to blame to he could have said enough was enough
      It is very said that all these things had to line up for what to happen to happened
      it would have been far worse if he did not take his life in the end (he paid for his demons)
      So its no one persons fault that lead up to that tragic day…
      we all have demons that we fight some of us win some of us lose it just all depends on how broken you become in the fight
      hopefully i offend no one but it is just the truth that I feel

    • outkazt09

      Obvious troll is obvious.

  • John

    There is no denying that what Chris Benoit did was inexcusable & we will never truly know what caused him to do what he did. However to say that professional wrestling didn’t play apart in Benoit’s breakdown is ridiculous! Their is a reason why the business completely changed after what happened with Chris Benoit

    • Really? Pro wrestling causes double murder and suicide? Sorry, I’m not buying that. Bad bumps and all, professional wrestling does not create murders.

      • John

        When did i say pro wrestling was the cause of the double murder/suicide? I said that the lifestyle of a wrestler caused Benoit to breakdown mentally. Benoit was doing things with his body that the wrestling business allowed him to get away with. Also one of the primary reason giving for his actions was “shocking” brain damage caused by multiple concussions & head trauma throughout his wrestling career.

        Should the wrestling business/WWE be blamed for the tragedy that happened? Of course not! However you can’t deny that years of abuse from pro wrestling had a severe effect on Benoit’s health.

        • “However to say that professional wrestling didn’t play apart in Benoit’s breakdown is ridiculous! ”

          I don’t buy into the theory that pro wrestling played a part in the double murder/suicide.

          “However you can’t deny that years of abuse from pro wrestling had a severe effect on Benoit’s health.”

          So you’re saying his health made him do it? That raises serious questions. Sure, we can talk about concussions and their effects on the brain but I have a hard time believing that it was because of post-concussion syndrome or the side effects from that it that caused him to commit violent crime.

          There is no doubt that pro wrestling took its toll on Benoit’s health, however, when you start trying to tie in issues with his health and his crimes there is a lot of uncertainty.

          • the arbiter

            Richard, I think you are being a little protectivist of your favorite thing right now (Pro-wrestling)

            Wrestling, and the wrestling life style did not cause the murders to happen. But they were a massive part of Chris’s life and to downplay that is wrong.

            I agree that witch-hunting the industry is not right, but there are clearly pressures that were exerted on Chris that he clearly couldnt handle. The head injuries causing dementia and the loss of his friend Eddie. The road lifestyle, the culture, the need to keep going to keep his spot almost certainly meant Chris never took the time to slow down, seek help and possible avert this disaster.

            Head trauma is a known cause of behavoural change leading to violence. There is a bucket of research to back this up. A lot of serial and rage killers had severe head injuries before embarking on their crimes.

            “It’s long been understood that injury to certain parts of the brain, including the limbic system, frontal lobe and hypothalamus, can lead to impaired judgment, aggression and even violence. The brains of convicted serial killers have been studied over the years and in some case they’ve revealed that damage had been sustained as a result of malnutrition, abuse or alcoholism.”

            I think the best course of action is to embrace the changes that have been made. More support for talent, more awareness of head injuries and the wellness policy.

          • Scottyo614

            Well said man. The impact testing was a great thing for WWE

          • You offer a great point of view and I do find points of agreement in there. I am protective over the business but in this case, I feel like I have to be. The individual that wrote this book is out to paint the picture that wrestling, or more specifically, Vince McMahon, created the Benoit monster. That’s just excusing Chris way too much.

            Look, WWE isn’t easy. The bumps cause injury, the lifestyle is hectic, etc. However, there are a lot of jobs out there that are hectic and stressful and even personality altering. But we can’t start pointing to these particular fields and blame them for an egregious act of violence.

            The fact of the matter is Chris acted alone. Sure, we can look at brain damage and testosterone abuse and depression and personal issues. In fact, I think it would be irresponsible not to examine all of these avenues and possible explanations. However, there is no easy explanation nor is there a way to even begin to comprehend the heinous acts of Chris Benoit in his final days.

            As for embracing the changes, there are a couple of things that I am happy to see. One, I’m glad to see Vince offer to pay rehab to ANYONE that needs it regardless of when they were employed. That is honorable and he should be commended. I’m glad for the implementation of a sincere Wellness program and the new initiative to prevent concussions.

            However, when one begins to examine the Wellness policy it really starts to fall apart. I definitely think testing has cleaned up the business but it hasn’t solved the problem. There are still people out there putting things in their bodies that are banned and they’re getting away with it. For me to just pretend because of the Wellness Policy that this no longer happens, would be extremely naive.

            Further, while it’s good WWE is being so cautious about concussions, will their new hardline stance keep talent from reporting concussion symptoms? This has always been a problem that has the potential to get exponentially worse if a talent examines what happened in the case of Fandango. From a title match to an afterthought all because of an injury that wasn’t his fault.

          • Scottyo614

            Concussions and brain damage can do a lot of damage Richard. I am a completely normal 24, almost 25 year old. Until a random day I’m super depressed. Never had that, or anxiety until after my concussions. It just kinda comes up and happens.

            Some people handle things better than others and based off his level of stress he may have just lost it. There is uncertainty in the thought process…but to dismiss concussions or post- concussion syndrome is extremely wrong. With miss diagnosed concussions and steroid use, one can only imagine what is body and brain were like. Only Chris, unfortunately knows all that.

          • I’m not dismissing concussions or their side effects. There are a lot of people that have concussions and post concussion syndrome. But there aren’t a lot of people that commit double murder – including the murder of their own child – before taking their own life. You can’t point solely to the illness.

            Chris had behavioral issues including domestic violence claims against him before this ever happened. Yes, none of us know the shape of Chris’ brain, however, he was well enough to fly around the country and at least consider covering up his crimes.

    • Philip Thompson

      Did the NFL cause what OJ Simpson did? Should the NFL be shut down? Wrestling attracts a certain type of person to take part in it – statistically that type of person is more likely to have a certain type of behaviour – they would be like that regardless of what profession they were in.

      • Adam

        OJ Simpson was found not guilty of murder!!!!

        • Philip Thompson

          It’s well known he’s guilty – read his book if you’re not convinced.

    • Robert Olley

      How many wrestlers have had numerous concussions and/or done steroids yet went on to commit murder or kill themselves?

      • John

        How many wrestlers have died way before their time due to drugs that they used throughout their wrestling career because it was acceptable & allowed to happen? Like i said, there is a reason the industry (or at least WWE) changed their ways regarding drug use.

    • Yves Heinrich

      The headbutt screwed him afterwards, steroids did too and maybe more things which I don’t understand how Chris got into all of this?!
      Of course that WWE/Pro Wrestling has nothing to do with this, Chris maybe brought this on himself or has been addicted.
      Chris was a good man R.I.P

  • Chris

    If he wanted, Punk would be awesome at the announce table, he killed it before.

    • WNW Fan

      I remember Punk on commentary. He was awesome. Especially the whole “diet soda” deal with Cena. Punk could be the next “Jerry Lawler” of sorts.

  • StraightEdgeForLife

    To the person that asked about CM Punk in the questions section, I purchased the kindle only version of his new biography Best in the World: The Unauthorized Biography Of Phil Brooks for $2.99 on Amazon. It’s a good read. I suggest you order it to find out more about the question you asked 🙂

    • BritishBulldogForever

      Hello me punk. Hope you are well 😉

  • Jaryd

    I hope Punk at least tries his hand at being a commentator when he retires!

  • Robert Olley

    First when i read about the backstage doctor in bret harts biography selling bags of drugs to performers i was genuinely unsettled flad things have cleaned up even a bit eould rather see a cm punk physique than savey boy again no offense to anybody.
    Second could ohnos frustration be partly from cesaro being called up first richard?
    Thirdly why has nobody wrote a book thats unbiased about benoit i know its probably ever hard to do but he was a fantastic wrestler.
    Bit off topic here but is the heat on the wyatt family because they are the first genuinely unsettling characters in years?

    • the arbiter

      As someone who writes for a living, that is a hard brief. You have to balence his career with the atrocity he comitted at the end. Too much emphasis on his career, and your glorify a guy who was a murderer. Too much emphasis on his decline into madness and the murders, and you are dwelling on a relatively short (yet important) part of his life.
      It is hard to do “fair and balenced” with such a polarising figure.

  • Kevin

    2 year anniversary today of one of the greatest lines in CM Punk’s career:

    HHH: how was your movie, I missed it

    Punk: mine went straight to dvd just like yours

  • Tim

    I see punk doing something with comics

  • -|AZ|-

    After a long long time all the questions in this segment were fresh…