Chris Brown Says He Misses The Real Wrestlers, Takes Another Shot At CM Punk

- The following is from the official Twitter account of R&B singer Chris Brown:

WWE is clearly making an angle out of the comments exchanged by CM Punk and Brown. Of course it could have been an angle all along but with things like this, you never know for sure. WWE is certainly happy with the mainstream promotion they've got for free courtesy of Brown and Twitter.

  • keagan

    why is punk even wasting his breath on this waste of space?

    • mathew30

      becuase he rightly feels chris women beater brown didnt get justice for hitting a women. thats why

      • John

        You mean like Stone Cold Steve Austin who also beat up his wife? Pretty sure i've never seen Punk call him out on twitter about it. Punk is a Hypocrite.

  • Bubba J

    He spelled Bret Hart's name wrong. (facepalm)

    • Brian

      He probably just googled “old wrestles” and picked random names

  • christopher525

    Might have made a bigger impact if he weren't a punk himself, also it wouldn't hurt if he actually knew how to spell the names of the people he claims to "miss."

  • Mojo

    Vince McMahon, make it happin cappin! I’d watch Punk destroy Chris Brown if all proceeds went to charity.

    • Jay

      I’d watch it regardless

  • Matt

    I'm glad he misses wrestlers he can't spell the names of. What a joke. Someone should hold his arms while CM Punk and Rihanna beat him

  • StephenSnel23


  • Kerri

    I really don't care how many 'dis-likes' I get here or how alone in my belief/ thoughts I am on what I'm about to say:

    I'm really disappointed and kinda disgusted by WWE here. They are more happy to see the mainstream attention they are getting over a WWE wrestler arguing with someone than what the actual 'war of words' is over. Hell, even just now on SD they had Cole talk about the 'twitter war' right as Punk was entering and promoted that #NotNoPunks was trending world wide!! That hash tag was a direct slam at one of their workers, and they treated it like it was something cool and fun.

    If WWE really wanted to capitalize on this mainstream stuff right now,and not make it seem like they only cared about the attention, how about they actually state that they are on Punk's side on this? Instead of playing in the middle and giving Brown another source to put what he says out there, cause there will be plenty of other media outlets that do that, and some will even state that they are on Chris Brown's side in this, and that's sad.

    It's not like if WWE did come out and say they are supporting Punk 100% would get them to lose any sponsorship or deals they have with other companies. Who would actually pull a partnership with WWE because they support someone who doesn't hit woman and doesn't like someone that does hit woman and instead of showing how he's changed, he wins an award and tells his "haters: F-off"?! Cause that is and would be messed up.

    Sorry for the long rant, it just really bugs me that WWE is more than ecstatic over just being mentioned on TMZ, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. in connection to what is going on between Punk and basically an a*****e, instead of staying away from it or come right out and agree with Punk and leave it at that.

    • mathew30

      welcome to the world of wrestlemania free advertising

    • Guy Landau

      I would absolutely agree, if it didn't seem like it was an angle all along. I am still in the mind that the people used for WM promotion are the wrong ones as WWE uses absolute low-lives who are famous for all the wrong reasons lately – Snooki last year, and Chris Brown this year.

  • Adam W.

    He'll just never learn, will he? Well, to lighten the mood, you guys should read what The Iron Sheik is posting on his Twitter account about Chris Brown. Trust me, it's golden!

  • Ken

    "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and Koko b. ware??? Out of all "real" wrestlers, those are the best names he could have named?? lollllll, at least give me Mr. Perfect and Ricky Steamboat, lol, not those aforementioned named has-beens. Lol, no disrespect to duggan and b. ware, but C'Mon Son!

    • mathew30

      let him be, the poor sod was only around 5 years old when he watched them lol

      • I hope you all know that this is SUPER FAKE for WWE and Chris Brown’s ratings. I’m a WWE fan and I know this isn’t real. He makes valid nopits, but that just makes it more entertaining for us, so it seems real. Just chill out, we all know that this is just a little segment for CM Punk, because he is WWE’s underdog who speaks his mind all the time, it’s all for both peoples’ paychecks.

  • Jay

    Urghh. The tweets supporting this douche are just awful. The dude is an animal and it is really frustrating when people let it slide

  • MonsterMike42

    Can someone please tell me who Coco Beware is? I mean, I know a Koko B. Ware but that's a guy who, as entertaining as he was, wasn't that good of a wrestler. Hacksaw Jim Duggan wasn't really a good wrestler either.

  • anshul janratha

    really am i the only one that knows where this going? brown will be part of WM 28 somehow so they using this cheap ass twitter thing yet again to spice up thing i mean even wwe official page in FB is also promoting this fued i mean there been fight between crimson nd Goldberg via twitter but TNA didn't advertise it although it would have get them lot of heat coz they know they were fighting 4 real unlike this fight why did brown bother to comment on punk twitter anyway? y2j vs cm punk (Chris brown special ref) wwe is so predictable hell i can even predict how this fight gonna go and who gonna be winner

  • Yanman

    Chris Brown hit a woman he’s a coward and classless. Chris Benoit kills his wife and child and the majority of wrestling sheep want him in the HOF. Think first before you judge. Wrestling fans, and I’m a huge one, really can’t judge others on say domestic violence, murder, drugs, DUI’s, marriages, pretty much anything. I ain’t with Punk on this one unless it’s an intentional attempt to get WWE in other markets before WM then it’s cool other than that eh… stupid ish.

    • Darren

      Well said Yaman I agree 100% I posted a similar comment to yours. I wonder will Punk challenge Stone Cold who was alledgely beating Debra.

      • tjay

        Loooooool woooow, great points both comments

    • Kerri

      Not only can I speak for myself, but a quite a few of my friends who are also wrestling fans. There is NOT a single one of us who think or want Benoit in any type of HOF. You are right that we can't judge others, when we don't know the facts and the whole story- but we do with both of them, and it's not some much as judging the person, as it is the act/s they committed.
      And it's really sad that you'll only side with someone (doesn't have to be Punk) that says they don't care for guys who hit women, UNLESS they are just doing it for publicity.

    • Bob

      The difference is Benoit was mentally ill while Brown is just a [email protected]&

    • This interview sums up how it relaly is out there. The dudes are on Punk’s side like yeah, if you beat a woman then you a bitch, plain and simple. But the dumbazz ho back there is backin up Breezy like all the dumb bitches out here. Like yeah it was 3 years ago but who gives a fuck? These the same bitches that got back on R Kelly’s nuts even after he fucked a lil girl and pissed in her mouth.

  • kevin

    Kris Brown learn how to spell someone’s name its KOKO B. WARE a true wrestling fan would show him the respect he has earned. I would have said Arn Anderson and Bob Backlund. Lol

    • Wwe4L76

      And you wrote Kris Brown? Gj! 😛

    • Matt Scott

      Tell me you spellinig Chris Browns name wrong was irony?

      • kevin

        Sarcasm not irony.

    • Chris

      Learn to spell Chris Brown!!!

    • Punker79

      Lolz you spelled Chris Brown wrong…just saying

  • Joe

    brown needs to realise that he just can’t win a war of words with punk

  • 10secondGTR

    Chris brown is just blowing smoke..he doesn’t remember those wrestlers..we’re the same age and I grew up watching Scott hall Kevin Nash konan “the giant” lex Luger macho man the steiner brothers stone cold rocky maivia gangrel edge mankind Scotty too hotty road dogg billy gunn hhh xpac/six pack Shawn michaels Kane undertaker Val venis the godfather

    • Alex P

      He really is and I fully agree with you. I'm 2 years OLDER than Chris Brown and yeah I watched the guys he mentioned, but I really entered when those guys were on their way out. I mainly watched the guys you mentioned and I'm sure he did too. I say just let boy have his hissy fit and kick rocks.

  • Not that this will make it on the notice board but the opinions of any guy who hits a woman mean nothing to me. He should concentrate more on releasing a song that people will actually remember instead of picking on a form of entertainment he has no experience in.

    • H.M.


    • and who’s supporting cm punk. um let me guess .hold on its at tip of tunoge .OH! i know .WRESTLING FANS . lol if you guys watch that fact and scripted nonsense thats a shame. brown did it 3 years ago and this guy HAPPENED to talk about this nowwrestler making threats about what happened 3 years ago >PUBLICITY STUNT

  • Ace

    Feel like a fan torn in the middle. I love Chris brown for his music but not his actions and CM Punk…..well he is just a great role model. I'm wondering why now? It's been years. Just let it go. Rihanna said she was over it and they even began making music together again. If WWE is seriously trying to make an angle out of this, then I am simply disgusted.

    • Renny

      To answer your question about why it's being brought back up as an issue after 3 years-
      Chris Brown was awarded a Grammy a couple of weeks ago, and that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Then after the award show, Brown took to his twitter account and, (I'm paraphrasing here), basically said "Yea, I got a Grammy!! To all my haters, F-Off". Again, that just bugged a lot of people that he would say that kind of thing, given his history, and I would guess correctly that Punk was one of those people. Hope that helped!

      • AceV

        And here you guys go hating on him. He wins a Grammy and you guys can’t stand it because he isn’t suffering or paying as long as you guys thought he should.

        He had one incident, but he’s automatically labelled a woman beater because you guys know for a fact ( sarcasm) that he does it all the time.

        But cm punk is so righteous and does no wrong because he lives a “straight edge” life style and gloats about it constantly. The funny thing is that he don’t speak to everyone about embracing that lifestyle but he gloats about it and act like he’s better than anyone who doesn’t live the lifestyle he lives.

        So all you people just jump on cm punk side and bash CB.

    • Bob

      @Ace CM Punk kicks people in the head how is he a role model? Jk I’m a Punk fan only because he speaks his mind and is straight edge.

  • G Ilyas

    And WE miss REAL music. What a douchebag!!

    • Brian

      Damn, I was gonna say that…

  • Darren

    I still don’t understand Punk why he keeps going at Chris Brown. I really do it’s Vince idea to get exposure from another outlet. I wonder will Punk challenge Stone Cold because he was alledgely beating Debra. If you remember one HOF ceremony fans were chanting wife beater the WWE edited out for tv of course. I love WWE wrestling but come on let’s not be hypocrites here. Let’s just keep it wrestling.

  • Dave L

    I hope Rhianna is at WM and Chris brown is in a match because its such a great storyline that just like when Bret and Shawn got in the ring and ended the Publicity around the Screw job, its about time people stop the publicity around the 2 of them. Have a big WM blow off match, and be done with it… IT worked for "you screwed Bret" no one in the crowd screams that anymore…

  • The Dave

    chris brown shd manage chris jericho @ wrestlemania. The chrises shd screw punk the title.

  • AceV

    You people are so simple minded that it’s crazy.

  • Mark

    i dont know about you guys but i hate chris brown.. that kerri girl is mad to slate the wwe………..

    i would pay hundred quid to watch that guy not in a wrestling match but a cage fight with brock lesnar fight to death match…………………………

    he's a women beating low life scum bag and i hope cm punk ripss the shit out of him for as long as he livesssssssssss………………………………………

  • Yanman

    A little off the subject I realize that the ‘E’ is pretty much all business now but again this time of year sort of bothers me with talks of Shaq, Chris Brown, Jeremy Lin, possibly some of the NY Giants, Jersey Shore cast, whatever gets the talk and all year many of the wrestlers with talent get left on the backburner with “Sorry, creative has nothing for you” like my dawg Colt Cabana. He’s funny and right at the same time. Just did an APW show out in Hayward, CA.

  • TakerMania

    oh really !! and We miss Michael Jackson and REAL musicians .