Chris Dickinson Destroys Kimber Lee In Horrifying Sequence

There is a horrifying video that’s gone viral from Beyond Wrestling’s “King of Arts” show in Providence, Rhode Island this past Sunday. The footage features independent wrestler Chris Dickinson hitting his opponent — female independent worker Kimber Lee — over the head with an unprotected chair shot and following with a dangerous version of the Razor’s Edge.

You can watch the disturbing footage at this link or embedded in the video below. Please be advised the footage is extremely graphic.

The spot has come under intense criticism from prominent names on the independent wrestling scene. The focal point of that criticism has to do with Dickinson violating the core rule in pro wrestling to protect one’s opponent.

As for the condition of Kimber Lee, this is from Twitter:

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The promotion is embracing the controversy and is using it to promote their next show on April 26, 2015 featuring The Young Bucks. They Tweeted this on Tuesday morning:

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  • HLG

    Completely unnecessary shot to the head. Even remove that it’s male on female, why, after all that is known about concussion, would anybody want to do that in 2015? Is that how this company wants to get publicity?

    • Jesse Sherwood

      If so, the state athletic board should refuse to let them run shows.

  • pow

    And just think that some people want scenes like this back in the WWE.

    • Jesse Sherwood

      Hell no! As someone who suffers from the long term after effects of concussions, the last thing we need is the barbaric practices that were a part of the 90s. I loved ECW as much, if not more than the next guy, but I THANK VKM for being proactive on concussions.

  • Brandon van Reenen

    What in the hell? That was VERY hard to watch.

    • Jesse Sherwood

      I actually threw up watching that. She is probably going to have a completely different life from here on.

      • I sincerely hope not. While not everyone recovers from things like that, some do and I truly hope she does. She did what she could to avoid it. To say that was “hard way” would be the understatement of the century.

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Pardon my language and unprofessional attitude here, but that was just f***ing sickening to watch. She was out from the moment she took the chair shot. The fact that Dickenson then put her into such a high risk move such as the Razor’s Edge after it was obvious she was unconscious… He should have his license pulled. And due to the fact that the promotion is trying to capitalize on the fact that one of their stars was placed in a life and death position by another worker is sickening. If I was the owner of the place they were running next, I’d blackball them. That level of disrespect to your worker is appalling.

    • He didn’t even pull off *that* move correctly.

  • jason witten 82

    I wish I didn’t check that out, in fact it might be best for you guys to pull that, that’s not right

    • We posted a warning with the footage. Trust me, it’s not something I wanted to run but I also think it’s a story pertinent to our readers. We can’t just ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen. While we do not usually cover indies (for reasons just like this), this has simply become too mainstream to ignore it.

      • jason witten 82

        Oh please don’t think I’m putting your website down for having it up, I completely understand why you do but, damn it’s just ridiculous and disgusting

        • Stupid things like that happen too often. I could cite examples but I’m afraid people might be tempted to go look them up.

          • thepowerserge

            Probably best left alone. Pretty sure that, if someone wanted to, they’d be looking already anyway.

        • Vomkrieg

          If we don’t address horrible stuff like this, it’s more likely to happen again. If we say “this is not acceptable”, perhaps other promotions will take notice.

          Agreed, that the video was awful to watch, but ignoring it won’t help the next person in that position.

  • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

    that was horrible. i really hope she will heal from that. moves like that cant be allowed and brutes like that cant be allowed to do moves so risky like that razor’s edge

  • jman72485

    Wow, that was crazy and messed up. Shame on the promotion for promoting such matches. I mean I know that down Mexico they do matches like this all the time, but they aren’t crazy violent like this one. The workers protect each other and that something that wasn’t used here.

  • I’ve watched Beyond Wrestling’s stuff before and they usually put on fantastic shows. YouTube proves this. They have, however, lost me as a fan. Stuff like this is reckless. Check, please…

  • Luke

    That was sick, and not in a good way. It’s painful to watch what guys used to go through but even more painful when it’s a male-on-female segment. I hope they get all the publicity they want that ends up shutting them down.

  • Terra Ryzing

    That was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. Did that moron not realize she was out after that chair shot?! It’s stuff like that, that not only gives the indies a bad name but the whole industry in general.

  • Michael

    Shit like this gives the indies a bad wrap. This guy was out to make himself look good instead of making sure his opponent was protected. Albeit, this was probably planned, he should of took the initiative to protect his partner and the business.

  • I initially chose not to watch this. I just did and it’s as appalling as I thought it would be. Kimber tried to get her hand up but Dickinson had no regard for it and likely got carried away. As I said earlier, totally reckless and he should have been banned from ever working for that promotion or in that state again. That could have snapped her neck. I’m sure she’s been concussed. I’m no longer a fan of Beyond Wrestling because rather than take action against him, they’ve chosen to promote it. It’s a shame. Denver Colorado (the man, not the place) is clearly very passionate about wrestling and they have some fantastic workers that come through there.

  • thepowerserge

    Who in the hell thought that
    A) this was a good idea
    B) putting a man vs a woman half his size was fair
    C) a chair shot to the head was OK
    D) that launching her with the Edge into the corner was going to be a highlight?

    It was definitely hard to watch that, especially when she wasn’t responding afterward (at least that’s how I saw it). The douchebags who run this so-called “promotion” ought to have their license to conduct business suspended and need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It’s jackasses like these guys who paint a negative light on the business of professional wrestling.

  • Moose

    We all know what they say about first impressions. That being said, this is the first time I have heard of this “promotion” and will never give it a second look. I have seen backyard wrestling videos online that were not as barbaric. For this company to not only allow this, but promote it is completely asinine. I don’t know how anyone with any sense could condone this reckless behavior. I normally don’t wish ill will on people or companies, but they need a lawsuit that shuts their doors forever and keeps the promoter from ever being associated with wrestling or sports entertainment ever again. I hope she recovers and leads a normal life after that assault, but I am not holding my breath.

  • Trapdoor

    I.. That was.. Holy %$#@. Pull his licence?! He should be brought up on charges.

  • MaGayle AceVivid Starks

    And the way he pinned her, all of it is just sick.

  • Dave Barton

    I want to open by saying “Please don’t flame me for this,” but just to play Devil’s Advocate, I watched this over & over again from all 3 angles to get a better look to decide for myself if this could be in any way a work.

    The chair shot. She did put her arm up, so that much was obviously planned. But watching the way her head snapped down from the shot…I don’t believe she’s that good of an actress. He stiffed her with it.

    The Razor’s Edge. She very clearly assisted him when he turned her over, and note how she pulled her feet in & planted them just before he hoisted her up…you’ll see it if you study it closely. However, it’s entirely possible she was out on her feet by now & running on auto-pilot.

    The landing in the corner. I played it on super-slow speed and I’m not 100% positive, but I think she did hit her head on the ring bell. Regardless of whether she was seriously injured prior to her landing, I believe she was legitimately unconscious at this point.

    This just reinforces what I’ve said about indy wrestling for the last several years. For someone in an indy fed to put themselves at risk like this is pointless, because the only place they could be substantially compensated financially for taking these risks is WWE…and WWE no longer does this stuff for a reason, the risks for brain injury are too great.

  • JJ C

    Why the double standard? If this woman pushes the “male dominated” and “equality” narrative then she should take the hits the guys take on a regular basis. A relatively scrawny woman that didn’t even have much of an athletic background let alone wrestling was hired to be a wrestler and given the training to do so. Men on the other hand have to have some proficiency to get in.

    • LazyBones

      There isn’t any training for taking a full blooded, unprotected chair shot to the top of your skull.

      • JJ C

        Doesn’t matter. Plenty of guys dealt with this kind of thing before and no real shitstorm came about, meanwhile when it comes to a girl then all hell breaks loose.

        • LazyBones

          So you think a man hittinh a 120lb women with a chair doesn’t do more damage than the same chair shot to a 250-300lb man? Gimme a break. Whether you choose to admit it or not, the fact that he did this to a woman is entirely deserving of a ‘shitstorm.’

  • LazyBones

    What a freaking idiot. He could’ve killed her.

  • Trevon Burtch

    I enjoyed this just because I love violence.