Chris Hero & Brodie Lee In WWE, Book Dustin Rhodes, Christian/Swagger Updates, Hogan As TNA Champ

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What is the deal with some of the independent standouts that have come to WWE but have not been called up? Wrestlers like Chris Hero & Brodie Lee?

Chris Hero (as Kassius Ohno) and Brodie Lee (as Luke Harper) are working in NXT Wrestling in preparation for the main WWE roster. WWE's developmental system is loaded with talent and it all comes down to creative plans and the correct opportunity before they are called up. There is no guarantee when a worker signs a developmental contract they will get the call-up but it's up to them to work hard to impress company officials in Florida.

What has Dustin Rhodes been up to since being released from the WWE?

Dustin Rhodes has been finding work on the independent circuit and is available for seminars and signings. Those interested in booking him can do so at [email protected]. To keep up with his latest updates, you can follow him on Twitter at this link. For those unaware of his WWE release, Rhodes was terminated in May 2012 after working backstage as a producer. We broke the news here on Premium.

It's been three months since the last time we saw Christian and Jack Swagger on WWE television. What's the latest on their status?

Christian is recovering from injury and expected back some time next month. We've heavily discussed his status on numerous occasions and for the latest, check out his news page. As for Jack Swagger, he was believed to be on his way out of the company at one point but met with Vince McMahon in November and was assured he would be repackaged. Swagger has a new look and is working current WWE holiday live events.

What are your thoughts on Hulk Hogan wanting to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion?

Hulk Hogan jokingly said he wanted knee surgery for Christmas and would then go for the TNA world title. We thought it was funny and published the comment although some are speculating this is Hogan hinting he wants to wrestle again. You never know with Hogan, which is why I think the comment generated such a large response.

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  • Da KiDD

    Boyyy…Cody sure is lucky he didn't get his dad or his brother's looks…PHEWW!!

    • Kevin

      That pic kinda makes ya' wonder whether Cody really belongs to The American Dream. It's like the old joke: A guy goes to the nursery at the hospital to see his 3rd child. When the nurse shows him the boy, it's the ugliest little baby he's ever seen. He immediately goes to his wife's room and says, "Honey, our new baby is ugly! Our other 2 children are beautiful. Did you cheat on me?" And his wife, still under the influence of her medication, sweetly looks at him and says, "Not this time."

  • G1

    Hogan needs more than a new knee to wrestle.

  • Dave L

    IMO: theres no win for Hogan carrying the belt, even if he lays down for someone and gives them the rub, his stock isn't what it used to be people will always say "he'd beat him if he was in his prime", what I could see is him in "the title picture" 3 way matches, where he doesn't have to lose but he doesn't have to win. He's a great draw, He's hulk hogan, but with the internet and today's wrestling fans Hulk hogan is a legend, He isn't the champion.. Can Ali beat Floyd?

    • the arbiter

      How hogan is depicted in TNA really bugs me. He cant move and yet your supposed to believe he is this wrecking crew still. It's just horrid to see him lumber down to the ring and slowly smack someone who stands still for 10 secs so Hogan can catch them.

  • Mario

    It was really nice to see this recent picture of the Rhodes family , thanks Richards.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Just say no to Hogan's next title reign. He shouldn't get near the ring at all. Just stay at home and have a good quality times with your family, Hogan. Agree with what I just said?